Saturday, November 9, 2019

Twists & Turns

Life is unpredictable ... filled with twists and turns that we cannot plan for!  The DillyDally family enjoyed one of our best spring and summers ... it was filled with travel, our daughter's wedding, and unusually warm/dry weather!
Those who follow me on Facebook or Instagram joined us on our journeys, daily outdoor activities and my dillydallying!  We had such a great time ... but things changed quickly the third week of September.  The photo above and below were taken on my last walk, September 16th.  My knee was a bit cranky at the end of that day ... but that wasn't necessarily unusual.
First came the TWIST.  Autumn was in full swing and the weather was beautiful.  The next day, I decided to "baby" that cranky knee!  Instead of going for a long walk that day, I walked two blocks for a dillydally playdate with a friend ... and it became so difficult to walk I nearly didn't make it home! The next morning ... I was completely immobile!
Long story short ... a local doctor appointment, X-rays, and consultation.  By that Friday, I was left believing that there would be another total knee replacement in my very near future.  I am not going to lie ... between the chronic pain, immobility, and that news ... I found myself feeling real despair.  Our fur babies know when we're hurting ... they empathize ... they hearts hurt.  Nissa was confused when I could no longer join in her and Mr.'s walks.
Flicka became clingy.  She took more than normal interest in supervising my more sedimentary lifestyle.  Honestly ... the additional kitty snuggles did help.  However, returning to chronic pain ... after enjoying a few years without it was grueling! I had to work very hard not to jump into the "pool of self-pity".  I could knit ... I could sew ... I spent time doing the things I could do in order to distract me from the things I was unable to do.  That effort helped ... but chronic pain is difficult to ignore!
Then came the TURN!  It takes a while when you live in the middle of nowhere, but two weeks ago I finally had an appointment with an Orthopedic Surgeon in Anchorage.  Another long story short ... I don't need a knee replacement! When the surgeon told me the news ... I wanted to get up and dance!  Such great news!  Yesterday (11/8) I had an arthroscopy meniscectomy ... Monday I have a post op appointment with the surgeon ... and if all goes well we will be home that evening!  Within 6 weeks my dillydally lifestyle should be restored!

The twist and turns in life teach us so much.  My knee is iced ... my brain is on meds ... my heart is grateful! Grateful for medical professionals, for friends who have been supportive during this difficult time, and the love and care I have received from family!  Mr. DillyDally has been the best!  My heart truly is full!

Onward!  Forward! Upward!  Do dillydally!
Mrs. DillyDally


  1. Sorry to hear about your pain, & glad you don't have to have another replacement.
    Yes, furbabies know when humans hurt.
    I hope your knee problems go away soon.

  2. I’m so sorry to hear you’ve been having knee issues but relieved to hear you are in the mend. Thinking of you!!!

  3. You bring such joy to so many with your positive outlook. I empathize with the pain and celebrate your good news. Love seeing your corner of the world! Feel better soon.

  4. Glad you were able to get your knee problem figured out. Not fun!! Keeping you in our thoughts! Sending well wishes of encouragement, support, and strength as well as hope for a smooth recovery!!