Thursday, October 4, 2018

September's Splendor!

As I mentioned in an earlier post ... here in our remote corner of the planet, September was exceptional!  Normally it is a month filled with coastal storms, heavy rain and high winds!  I spent most of every day outdoors ... it was heavenly!  This post consists of photos that I didn't use in prior blog entries, but wanted to be sure to record them here on the blog!  The pictures in this post are chronological, beginning with the first of September.  There is very little commentary ... just enough to help me reference them in the future!

Oops!  Looks like someone photo bombed this pic!  Too funny!  I just had to include it!

The day Nissa and I accidentally discovered Mossflower Woods!  A magical day!💚

While crossing a bridge, I happened to look down ... and there was a seal frolicking, swimming, and spinning back and forth under us! 
We watched it for about 20 minutes ... hard to capture in pictures, but wonderful to experience.

Standing tall ... I could only get the upper half of the tree in my camera view.
Strength in numbers ... large beautiful trees!
Oh ... the colors in this photo!

I love dillydallying outdoors!

Ooo ... that true blue color ... makes me weak in the knees!
I am grateful for so much ... this dillydally heart is full!

Do what you love!  Get outdoors!  Do dillydally!
Mrs. DillyDally

Friday, September 28, 2018

Black Bears and Fika Friday!

Autumn this far north is very short in comparison to those of my childhood in Minnesota.  Fall has always been my favorite season ... cool evenings ... temperate days ... and all the color!
We have had an exceptional Autumn!  From August 31st to September 21st we enjoyed sun and primarily clear skies!  Unheard of for this time of the year here in my remote corner of the planet!  It has been wonderful!  Nissa and I spent most of our time outdoors enjoying the gifts Mother Nature offers this time of year!
As September's unusual weather has leaned on the positive side of conditions ... the entire summer leant towards the negative!  Not only were our temps low and rainfall high ... in addition, the berry production and salmon returns were unusually small.  Wild berries and salmon are the primary food source for both brown and black bears.  They have been hungry and have come into town seeking food.  Humans and wildlife do not coexist well ... it has been a mess ... several bears have had to be destroyed ... there are no winners in this scenario.
On Friday, September 7th a large black bear decided to spend the afternoon in our neighborhood.  Specifically on the beach under my and a neighbor's house.  I bolted the outside doors, making sure that both furbabies were inside with me.  It was apparent that the best thing to do was to wait until the bear decided to leave.  Even though the sun was shining, it was going to be an inside dillydally day!
I had recently re-read First We Have Coffee ... it is a book I picked up in the mid 90's!  It reminds me so much of my Grandmother ... whenever I miss her, I turn to this book!  So ... it has been read multiple times!  A few years ago, I received Fika: The Art of the Swedish Coffee Break for Christmas! It too, was a joy to read!  My grandmother was 100% Swedish ... she always had a minimum of three treats available for when friends or family dropped by for coffee!  This book helped me understand why that was so important to her and the origins of her opinions concerning  hospitality and what makes a good hostess.  I always intended to try some of the recipes in this cookbook ... the first Friday in September of 2018 seemed perfect!  Yep ... Fika Fridays in DillyDallydom were about to be established ... thanks to a black bear!
The very first recipe in the book is Vetebullar ... Cinnamon and Cardamom Buns!  A yeast dough recipe would take most of the afternoon ... and our resident bear looked to have moved in for a long nap!
Compared to my grandmother's recipe for Cardamom Tea Ring, this authentic Swedish recipe uses a lot less sugar and at least 4 times the cardamom!
I used one of the shape variations suggested in the book!
Omgosh!  The house smelled like heaven ... and I would guess it tormented the bear too!
The recipe made two ... so Brother came by after work to pick up one!  By 5 pm the bear was rested and had moved on!  The buns were delicious!  Light and not overly sweet!  I will make this again ... it may even become a family tradition!  Because of the black bear, we enjoyed our first Fika Friday!
As September rolls along ... our colors change quickly!
It was my turn to host our weekly DillyDally Playdate!  Since we were meeting in the morning, coffee would be served ... yep, a Fika event!  I made Apple Pie Upside-Down Pumpkin Cake!  Quick and easy ... just what was needed for a 10 am coffee break!
I love Fireweed in the fall ... this pic shows their brief color change that goes from vibrant red to dried up brown.
Another Friday and another authentic Swedish recipe from the Fika book!
The only thing I do not like about making cookies is having to bake multiple sheets of them!  So when ever I come across a log shaped recipe that only requires baking once ... I'm in!
This is Muskotsnittar or Nutmeg Slices!  It is like a nutmeg flavored shortbread cookie.  They were super easy to make ... again relatively light on the sugar ... and the smell lingered in the house for days!
Talk about creating Hygge!  I froze and served them at our Knit & Lit meeting earlier this week!  Saving a few to have with my mid day coffee break as well!  They are Fika fantastic!  Another recipe I will use again!
Yummm ... nutmeg cookies ... and Mother Nature's use of nutmeg inspired color!
Today is the last Friday in September!  I made Ina Garten's Cinnamon Baked Doughnuts!  The recipe's yield is a dozen, but with my Wilton pans I ended up with 21!  Mr. DD took them to work after his lunch break!  His coworkers can enjoy one with their afternoon coffee ... it is Fika Friday for them as well!
Our autumn's colors have peaked.  I did find this one Fireweed at it's finest earlier this week, but most have gone brown.  I am so grateful for their burst of color ... their promise to return next spring!

Do what you love!  Both in the kitchen and outdoors!  Do dillydally!
Mrs. DillyDally