Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Literary Magic!

There are those moments ... they appear from nowhere ...

... they are fleeting ... and they are magical!  But first ...

Our local library sponsors a Knit and Lit book club!  In August we actually read two books, both related to WWII.  The Boat Runner was new to me ... a very good and thought provoking read.

I had read the second, The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society, when it first came out ... and throughly enjoyed reading it again!

For our meeting, I went online and found this video on how to create an authentic Potato Peel Pie!  I did not use any of our modern kitchen conveniences ... using only the tools available in the 1940's!  Oh ... how I wanted to pull out my food processor!  It was sobering to think about what their lives were like during the the Nazi occupation.  Just as predicted ... the pie won't win any culinary awards ... it had a much more important purpose, it sustained people during very difficult times.  Book club members all had a piece ... no compliments ... but no complaints either! 😄 Actually they were good sports ... the pie brought a small bit of realism to our discussion!

Books are haunting for me ... they mull around in my thoughts ... and often stay for long periods of time.  Such was the case with these two.  They just wouldn't allow me to move on.  One day, while walking ... my mind lost in the atrocities of WWII ... I looked to my right side ... and was gobsmacked by this site.  I gasped ... and held my breath ... in my head I heard a faint, but distinct ... chant.
"Scrum a too rye hey, scrum a too rye hey
Dig those paddles deep today!"

I recognized those words ... I knew their source ... it was Log-A-Log, Chieftain of the Guossom shrews!  I had stumbled upon Redwall!

My senses heightened ... I looked to the left ... Mossflower Woods!

And of course ... the many broadstreams that crisscross that magical world of Redwall!

"I'll sing you a song of the river-o,
Where the water's clean and clear,
And the long fast Guossom logboats go.
We're the shrews that know no fear,
So bend your back and use those paws.
From gravel bank to sandy shores,
Your cares and woes will disappear,
Just sitting paddling here. "

Big Island Lake ... where mysteries lurk in its depths and are hidden by it beauty.

And then ... The Island ... home of the "ghost" badger, Urthwyte!  It was all here ... the magic of Redwall had exposed itself to me ... I was compelled to revisit and relive an adventure there!

I taught 7th Grade Language Arts for many years ... we would always end the year with the Redwall novel, Salamandastron.  Brian Jacques began publishing his Redwall books in the mid 80s ... he brought literary magic to readers of all ages prior to J.K. Rowling !  His back story is amazing and worth a quick look.  The books truly are magical ... many fond memories of sharing them with my own children and in the classroom!  As soon as I returned home that day I downloaded the audiobook and submerged myself deep in the magic of Salamandastron! 

"I'll sing you a song of the river-o,
It belongs to me and you.
O're deep and shallows we'll both go,
With the finest Guossom crew,
Wheb other creatures bound to land
Will not feel half so free or grand,
Or know the water shrews' great skill.
So paddle with good will!"

Do what you love.  Embrace the magic!  Do dillydally!
Mrs. DillyDally

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