Sunday, September 9, 2018

Meet Mr. Nutty!

It is a pleasure to introduce a new friend here in DillyDallydom ...
... Mr. Nutty!  Mr. Nutty is a "notion keeper"!  It is his responsibility to assist me in keeping my projects organized!  My goodness ... I have needed a Mr. Nutty in my silly dillydally life!
Mr. Nutty is the creation of Kathy Schmitz.  Kathy is an incredible artist! Her designs are filled with whimsy and a gentle cheerfulness ... a true reflection of her!
Kathy was one of the instructors at the Martingale/Moda Quiltstock event I attended in July.
Each instructor had samples of their work on display ... Kathy's were so inspiring!  Her class was the first on my schedule ... such a lovely way to begin an event of this size.  Having traveled there alone and having just met the people at my table and in my group, hand embroidery allowed everyone to get to know one another while we were learning together!
Such a wonderful way to begin the first day of classes!
When given the supply list in June, I chose to purchase the kit for this project.  Kathy created the kits herself!  She hand traced the embroidery design in every kit ... OMGOSH! ... I cannot imagine the time that took!  She also prepared the finishing items essential to the project!  All her efforts made the class run smoothly for everyone ... both beginners and those experienced with hand embroidery!
Kathy's instructions and demonstrations were clear and easy to follow.  Her soft spoken personality put everyone at ease, and any struggles were easily addressed. 
Long time followers know that I have enjoyed hand embroidery since my childhood.  I learned so much from Kathy and added a few new stitches and techniques to my embroidery skill list!  The only complaints about the class came when it ended!  It was a half day class and we all wanted to extend our time with both Kathy and Mr. Nutty!
Once home, I gradually made progress on Mr. Nutty!  I decided to give him a green sweater ...
... and matching hat!
With the embroidery done ... time to layer him with batting and begin hand quilting!
It has been some time since I did any hand quilting ... it was enjoyable on a project of this size!
I neglected to take photos of sewing the pockets to the front.  But it was an easy task and well explained in the book!  Flicka finally showed some interest in Mr. Nutty when I began to tack on the cording for the edge.
Yep ... I am convinced Flicka wanted to get her paws on that cording!  She restrained herself, but it was difficult!  I assured her that only the strongest of kitties can resist that kind of temptation!  Kathy had made the cording using embroidery floss and included it in her kits!  Again ... I can only imagine the time that took!  Having that prepared made finishing this project so much easier!
The kit included a button for the closure, but I decided to raid my stash of antique buttons!  It was fun to dig through my big jar and I pulled several for consideration.
I auditioned them all ... the two finalists were this green one ...
... and the brown four-leaf looking one from the card!
And the winner is .... the brown!  I loved its unusual shape!  It is just so unique!
Mr. Nutty voted for this one as well ... by raising his needle in approval!  I loved the interesting way it had to be sewn on ... as it doesn't have holes or a shank.  It was fortunate to have it still on the card ... that way I knew how to apply it! 😁 Too fun!
Yep ... I'm very pleased with the result!
Mr. Nutty is fully assembled and ready to get to work!  Like squirrels everywhere, he is happiest when busy!  Yep ... he is a dillydallier!

Be. Still. My. DillyDally. Heart! 💖 Meet Kathy's community of "Kind & Gentle Soft Toys"!  I immediately fell in love with them!
Sew ... of course I purchased them ... all ten!
I will build my village by beginning with the bears!
I picked through my fabric stash ... pulled out the colors of floss I plan to use ... and last I added needles and a scissor!
All notions for this project are secured safely in one place!  Love this notion keeper already!
I live in Alaska ... sew ... of course the bears who live with me are brown bears!
Oh the adventures Mr. Nutty and I will have here in DillyDallydom!  Thank you Kathy!  You and your talent are a blessing in my dillydally life!

Do what you love!  Do dillydally!
Mrs. DillyDally


  1. Oooo, I love Mr, Nutty!
    But then, I love anything Squirrel! LOL
    You did a great job on him, and it looks like Flicka approved!
    Have a great week!

    1. Thanks Marilyn! Mr. Nutty has already proven to be useful!

  2. Your Nutty turned out fabulous and your description of the class was spot on (this is Liz your fellow “Piece nic pinwheels”, I was the one from California with purple hair in the back). I had no idea you wrote a blog so I’ll be following I enjoyed your writing style. Happy stitching

    1. Hi Liz! Thank you for reading my funsense! It was such fun to meet you at Quiltstock! Piece Nic Pinwheels forever!!!