Sunday, September 30, 2012

Those Vexing Hexies!

Pic from Google Images

I have always been in love with and drawn to the hexagon quilt pattern called Grandmother's Flower Garden.  I dream of inheriting one ... unfortunately ... that is very unlikely.
Pic from Google Images
I hunt for them when visiting antique stores, flea markets and yard sales.  I just know in my heart that one of these treasures must be in my future.  Well ... that hunt has been in progress now for thirty years ... unfortunately ... finding one is also unlikely.
When Bonnie Hunter was here a year ago ... she brought along her Hexie quilt.  It is stunning ... heart stopping actually.  She has been working away on it for years ... and travels with her hexies.  She finds them easy to work on while in airports, on planes, actually everywhere!
While here, Bonnie gave us a "mini lesson" on creating and piecing hexies together.  It was so inspiring!  
QBee Sara was bitten by the hexie bug!  We all fell in love with her first hexie project and bid it up very high at our annual guild auction.
About a month ago, Sara shared her hexie skills and taught a class at the Cordova Quilters' Hideout!
I didn't want to turn mine into a potholder, and instead hand appliqued it to a background.  My original intent was to use the fabric in the center as the background, but it was too busy and my hexies were lost.  So I just grabbed this background from my stash.  ;-)  It's the dillydally way!
I decided to hand quilt it using 12 wt thread ... it is somewhat thinner than pearl cotton yet heavier than traditional quilting thread.  Many people have been using it as a replacement for 2 strands of floss in their embroidery.  I bought some this summer ... this was the perfect project to try it out on!  
Of course my "Snoopervisor" had to be involved ... too fun!
She is sew much fun.  When I say, "no-no-no" in a soft but stern voice ... she backs and sits like this and tucks those naughty front paws under!  It is sew stinkin" cute ... I can hardly stand it!  She is still a kitten, and her curiosity often prevents her from using her manners ... but for the most part she is very cooperative and wants to please me.  I am sew happy she adopted us!
Next up ... the binding!  I like to use a single fold binding on table mats.  Because it is a circle shape ( I used a large mixing bowl), the binding had to be cut on the bias.
The machine step ... check.
Hand stitching ... check!  My first hexie project is done!  The center fabric no longer fits in ... so will be sure to use a candle holder that will cover it!  ;-) 

Sew ... what did I learn about hexies.  Let's see.  The english paper piecing method was enjoyable.  I think I would like working with smaller hexies.  Can I make enough to create a quilt of any size?  Maybe ... but it sure feels overwhelming.  Guess I'll see where the dillydally winds take me.  One thing I know for sure ... I won't be making any hexie evening gowns!   ;-)

Do what you love.  Try hexies...they're vexing!  Do dillydally!
Mrs. DillyDally

Friday, September 28, 2012

A Visit from the Quilt Fairy!

Honestly ... I willingly admit that I have often wished for a fairy godmother ...
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... with a whisk of her wand ... "biddidi bobbibi boo"... and life would magically improve!  Ahhhh ... if only life were that easy! ;-)
Well ... I may not have a Fairy Godmother, but I do have a wonderful "Quilt Fairy"!  I had ordered some fabric that is unavailable at our local quilt shops ... and included in the box were these gifts!  Two wool mitten ornament kits, a new pattern, and this terrific print of Paul & Babe!  What treasure!
This is what the entire month of September has looked like from my front deck.  We have had one coastal storm after another ... my husband told me last night that we have officially received over 80 inches of rain this month!  Normally, weather doesn't bother me much ... we dillydalliers are good at entertaining ourselves.  But 30 days...nonstop ... is too much!  When I opened the box ... and found treasure ... yep, it felt just like sunshine!
Here is a pic of the Quilt Fairy, quilting celebrity Roseann Kermes (on the right) with my metro QBees Randi and Mary Ellen.  We visited Roseann in her studio this summer!
We also visited Roseann's shop, Rosebud's Cottage.
The cottage is filled with treasure ...
... of every kind!  This lovely group of women were in the classroom ... dillydallying!  Ohhh ... they were having such fun!  I wanted to sit and join in!
These three were busy working on coin purses.  Such fun!
I just love meeting new people and having them share what they are working on!  The work of others is just sew inspiring!
They were all having such fun!
Beautiful work by them all!
This talented woman even made her handbag that morning to match the project she was working on that day!  How fun is that!
The sweet woman with the green purse, also made this quilt.  Her embroidery is amazing ... it was just frighteningly wonderful!  Look closely at the quilting ... Randi (the woman holding it) did the machine quilting!  Heart stopping!  It is so great that Roseann allows people to meet and dillydally in her classroom space when it isn't in use!
Roseann has a store every year at the Minnesota State Fair.  She sponsors several prizes given to ribbon winners.  I wanted to bring this jar of fat quarter "fabric pops" home with me.  Too stinkin' cute!
Yep, Roseann and her shop are packed with creativity and treasure!  A visit is always on my list when I travel to Minnesota!
The "magic" of Roseann involves her creative talent ... but mostly her magic wand sprinkles others with kindness.  When you can generate a ray of sunshine while hurricane force winds and rain are raging outdoors ... that is true magic!
Do what you love.  Be a fairy.  Do dillydally!
Mrs. DillyDally 

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Has it Really Been a Year?

Blogging has brought multiple blessings into my life.  One is having a record that allows me to take trips down "memory lane" ... albeit only three years back! ;-) In all honesty, it has served as a diary with pictures ... I enjoy that!
 It was a year ago that Quilt Rock Star Bonnie Hunter visited our remote corner of the planet!  She was the first "quilt celebrity" our guild has ever hosted.
She was so fun and easy to be around!
She embraced our remote corner of the planet and the lifestyle we live.  At one point, she asked me about the fact that we were wearing sandals (in late September's rain and cold) with stockings?  I simply explained that is was so we could show off our hand knit socks!  ;-)  She totally got it!  Ya have to love a gal like that!
Every one of her quilts are over the top inspiring...
... as is she ... over the top inspiring!

For multiple reasons I have never cared for the concept of UFO (Unfinished Objects) and PIP (Projects in Progress) ... they always leave me feeling a bit of guilt and shame.  Two emotions that have no place in the creative aspect of our lives!
A short while ago, I came across this poster on facebook!  I immediately adopted it!  It sew reflects the dillydally spirit!  No more UFOs or PIPs ... we are working on our PhDs!  And of course this is not limited to quilting!
I am working on three PhDs from Quiltville University!  My red version of Blue Ridge Beauty is over half complete!
My Cathedral Stars PhD still requires a lot of effort, but I am happy with my 30's reproduction fabric choices!
When Professor Bonnie Hunter attributed her online Mystery, Orca Bay, to the sunset she enjoyed from my front deck...
...of course I took on that PhD as well!  Here are some Orca bits...
... the sunset units ...
... and the water pieces are done.  I have a way to go on this PhD as well, but there is no pressure or deadlines!
Wow!  Think about it!  All of these PhDs that we complete are going to make us sew smart! ;-) It is win/win all the way around!  Thank you Professor Bonnie!  A year later ... your encouragement, talent and inspiration remains strong as I enjoy working on my PhDs from Quiltville University!
Do what you love.  Enjoy your PhDs!  Do dillydally!
Mrs. DillyDally

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Bunny Inspired Goodness

In my remote corner of the planet ... the weather is often severe.  Yesterday and today we have had hurricane force winds and received over 10 inches of rain.  Yep, Mother Nature is in a feisty mood!   When this happens, I often escape to The Net Loft ... our local needlework and gift shop!
Yesterday was an especially wonderful day at The Net Loft ... we were celebrating with blackberry topped carrot cake, low-bush cranberries, and Camomile Tea.
This little slug was a guest of honor ... we were celebrating the launch of "Skeins in the Stacks"!  Local librarian, Anna, has used her talent to produce beautiful gift items and hand-dyed, literature themed yarn!
For her first line of yarn, she used her lifelong love of The Tale of Peter Rabbit by Beatrix Potter.  The baby blanket in the foreground was hers.  Just so sweet.
This colorway is titled "The little jacket and the shoes".
Inspiration coming directly from the text and illustrations.  Lovely.
This color is called "Flopsy, Mopsy and Cottontail".
It is simply wonderful.
And this one ... Camomile Tea.
Just like the tea, soothing in every way.
This color was created by our local low-bush cranberries ... "First Frost Cranberries" is beautiful!
Whimsical kittens and dolls ... each handmade ...
... and filled with personality.  Just precious.
Mr. Slug joined in as we relaxed and bathed in all the creativity and inspiration Anna's talent provided.  What a blessing to be surrounded by such talent and to have a local shop owner who encourages and celebrates the talent in her community!  I just love my remote corner of the planet!
It was difficult to choose ... but I ended up bringing home the Flopsy, Mopsy, and Cottontail in laceweight Angora.  I am not an experienced lace knitter, but KBee Val tells me she has a pattern I can manage!  Plus ... I had to buy the Angora ... yarn inspired by bunny literature had to be made with bunny fibers!
I can't begin to tell you how happy I am for Anna as she begins this journey.  Her talent is incredible ... her creations reflect her sense of whimsy ... her kind heart inspires us as much as her handwork!
A lovely cup of wonderful.
Congratulations Anna!  Thank you for sharing your many talents with us!
Do what you love.  Be a good little bunny!  Do dillydally!
Mrs. DillyDally