Saturday, September 22, 2012

Has it Really Been a Year?

Blogging has brought multiple blessings into my life.  One is having a record that allows me to take trips down "memory lane" ... albeit only three years back! ;-) In all honesty, it has served as a diary with pictures ... I enjoy that!
 It was a year ago that Quilt Rock Star Bonnie Hunter visited our remote corner of the planet!  She was the first "quilt celebrity" our guild has ever hosted.
She was so fun and easy to be around!
She embraced our remote corner of the planet and the lifestyle we live.  At one point, she asked me about the fact that we were wearing sandals (in late September's rain and cold) with stockings?  I simply explained that is was so we could show off our hand knit socks!  ;-)  She totally got it!  Ya have to love a gal like that!
Every one of her quilts are over the top inspiring...
... as is she ... over the top inspiring!

For multiple reasons I have never cared for the concept of UFO (Unfinished Objects) and PIP (Projects in Progress) ... they always leave me feeling a bit of guilt and shame.  Two emotions that have no place in the creative aspect of our lives!
A short while ago, I came across this poster on facebook!  I immediately adopted it!  It sew reflects the dillydally spirit!  No more UFOs or PIPs ... we are working on our PhDs!  And of course this is not limited to quilting!
I am working on three PhDs from Quiltville University!  My red version of Blue Ridge Beauty is over half complete!
My Cathedral Stars PhD still requires a lot of effort, but I am happy with my 30's reproduction fabric choices!
When Professor Bonnie Hunter attributed her online Mystery, Orca Bay, to the sunset she enjoyed from my front deck...
...of course I took on that PhD as well!  Here are some Orca bits...
... the sunset units ...
... and the water pieces are done.  I have a way to go on this PhD as well, but there is no pressure or deadlines!
Wow!  Think about it!  All of these PhDs that we complete are going to make us sew smart! ;-) It is win/win all the way around!  Thank you Professor Bonnie!  A year later ... your encouragement, talent and inspiration remains strong as I enjoy working on my PhDs from Quiltville University!
Do what you love.  Enjoy your PhDs!  Do dillydally!
Mrs. DillyDally


  1. As a shut in over here, I really appreciated that trip down memory lane. Thanks Mrs. DD.

  2. I haven't been to one of Bonnie's workshops, but she is still an inspiration to me! I love the PhD idea! Hee Hee!

  3. This is Glady from Glady's gab, but I am on a hotel computer and didn't bring my google password. Barbie and I are in Kentucky at the Renfro Valley. I'll tell more about it when I get home. I just wanted to say that I had no idea Bonnie visited you last year. How exciting. One of my future goals is to attend one of her workshops. Have a Dillydally Sunday!

  4. I have really enjoyed blogging too, for all the reasons you have stated. Have made some really good online friends and have enjoyed learning from everyone else's creativity!

    Will remember that PhD --- cool!

  5. Your blog is inspiring. This weekend I put the borders on my orca bay and they fit perfectly. The Dilly Dally lifestyle has inspired me to slow down and enjoy the process, and I took my time with orca bay, keeping your view in mind. Thank you!