Friday, September 28, 2012

A Visit from the Quilt Fairy!

Honestly ... I willingly admit that I have often wished for a fairy godmother ...
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... with a whisk of her wand ... "biddidi bobbibi boo"... and life would magically improve!  Ahhhh ... if only life were that easy! ;-)
Well ... I may not have a Fairy Godmother, but I do have a wonderful "Quilt Fairy"!  I had ordered some fabric that is unavailable at our local quilt shops ... and included in the box were these gifts!  Two wool mitten ornament kits, a new pattern, and this terrific print of Paul & Babe!  What treasure!
This is what the entire month of September has looked like from my front deck.  We have had one coastal storm after another ... my husband told me last night that we have officially received over 80 inches of rain this month!  Normally, weather doesn't bother me much ... we dillydalliers are good at entertaining ourselves.  But 30 days...nonstop ... is too much!  When I opened the box ... and found treasure ... yep, it felt just like sunshine!
Here is a pic of the Quilt Fairy, quilting celebrity Roseann Kermes (on the right) with my metro QBees Randi and Mary Ellen.  We visited Roseann in her studio this summer!
We also visited Roseann's shop, Rosebud's Cottage.
The cottage is filled with treasure ...
... of every kind!  This lovely group of women were in the classroom ... dillydallying!  Ohhh ... they were having such fun!  I wanted to sit and join in!
These three were busy working on coin purses.  Such fun!
I just love meeting new people and having them share what they are working on!  The work of others is just sew inspiring!
They were all having such fun!
Beautiful work by them all!
This talented woman even made her handbag that morning to match the project she was working on that day!  How fun is that!
The sweet woman with the green purse, also made this quilt.  Her embroidery is amazing ... it was just frighteningly wonderful!  Look closely at the quilting ... Randi (the woman holding it) did the machine quilting!  Heart stopping!  It is so great that Roseann allows people to meet and dillydally in her classroom space when it isn't in use!
Roseann has a store every year at the Minnesota State Fair.  She sponsors several prizes given to ribbon winners.  I wanted to bring this jar of fat quarter "fabric pops" home with me.  Too stinkin' cute!
Yep, Roseann and her shop are packed with creativity and treasure!  A visit is always on my list when I travel to Minnesota!
The "magic" of Roseann involves her creative talent ... but mostly her magic wand sprinkles others with kindness.  When you can generate a ray of sunshine while hurricane force winds and rain are raging outdoors ... that is true magic!
Do what you love.  Be a fairy.  Do dillydally!
Mrs. DillyDally 


  1. Thanks Mrs. DD. I needed to have some fun after waking up again to rain and wind. I felt like I had a visit to Rosann's.

  2. Somehow I managed to miss this post! Isn't Roseann's shop and classroom wonderful? Even those of us non-quilters who gather every so often in her classroom are inspired! Glad you had such a wonderful day there.

  3. Thanks, Mrs. DD. It was fun to remember that great summer day you spent with the metro QBees. We had a wonderful time.