Monday, September 28, 2009

Wonderful People Make Great Things Happen!

Now you'll all know what was contributing to some of my stress...our quilting guild held (what we intend to make an annual event) its first "Annual Quilt Show"!  Our guild is about 22 years old and we held a quilt show once early on...but didn't make it a yearly event...obviously, since that was well over 15 years ago! ;)  We often talked about it...dreamed about it...mused over our annual business meeting in April I decided to make it my mission to make it happen and volunteered to be chairperson of this event.  What was I thinking?  Apparently I wasn"t!  Hee-hee!

Fortunately...these women came to the rescue! There were a couple of other women who were also on the committee, but had to attend a friend's wedding when this picture was taken.  As a committee we faced several hurdles...and yes...we had our moments of doubt...but we avoided tears...and got it done!  I cannot thank these ladies was a huge task...we were inexperienced...definitely over our heads...but made it fun.  Our local quilters enjoyed seeing their work displayed and the public appreciated the talented men and women who made the 77 quilts that were on display.  I made a three year commitment to this task, I just hope this crew will have pity on me and bail me out again...PLEEEEESE!  Yes, I'm begging!

I'll share more about the quilts in the show later.  Again...I find myself surrounded by supportive and caring great is that?  And...they all love to dillydally too!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Too Busy, but Lovin' It!

I have been very busy lately, every spare moment spent dillydallying.  Like everyone my job takes up most of my time, which makes any spare time especially precious.  When worried or stressed, I manage it by keeping my hands very busy dillydallying.  After 28 years of marriage, Mr. DillyDally has come to recognize the early symptoms of  my compulsive episodes.  He instinctively knows when to stay out of the way, can identify when it is safe to approach, and has learned to phrase his comments in an acceptable (and often appreciated) format. can evolve!

Here are a few of the things I've been working on over the past two weeks...nothing major...just feeding the compulsion with dillydally nuggets of time...

Pattern is "Pumpkin Party" by Sherri Falls of This &That.  I purchased the pattern this summer and the fabric is from our local quilt shop.  I love Sherri's patterns...the instructions are always clear and easy to follow...just what a quilter needs when stressed!

Another This & That / Sherri Falls pattern using charm squares.  This one is called "Twilight" and was very fun to put together.  I have a third one (remember...I said I was having a compulsive episode!) in progress, will share it when it is pieced.

This kit was purchased during the Minnesota Shop Hop 2008 at Main Street Cotton Shop in Hutchinson, Minnesota.  It is the home of Thimbleberries and Lynette Jensen.  Sister DillyDally and I had made a day trip of it...what fun!  I actually pieced it last fall, but just got around to quilting and binding it this week.  I love the chenille spider webs!  It was fun to finish and wonderful memories are attached to it!  Finishing feels sooo good!

Nooo...I don't (at least usually) wear unmatched socks...but...yes...I always have at least one pair of hand knit socks in progress.  The one on the left is the second of a pair and the other is the first of the next pair.  Fall is already here in Cordova and winter is working its way down the mountainside...our floors will feel cold shortly!  It's true!  I prefer wild socks...our winters are dark and grey...we need color...even on our toes!

This is a kit I picked up this summer at Rosebud's Cottage during the MN Shop Hop.  It is designed by the owner Roseann Kermes.  I haven't done much with felted wool...totally enjoyed this project...needle cases make nice gifts for my quilting friends. 

Well...that is a brief description of my nearly two week "compulsive episode".  Dillydallying really brings me calm amongst the waves.  Do is cheap medicine!

Saturday, September 19, 2009

The Adventure Down Cobblestone Lane Begins!

Our box of goodies arrived from Heavenly Patchwork on Tuesday of this week!  I was very well behaved and didn't open the box until today!  Such restraint...very unusual for me...hee-hee!  Invited the Lucky Seven over for brunch today!  Before setting the table I opened the box...Kay not only included everyone's pattern and fabric kit, but also a file folder with additional information.

Sooo...I decided to use the folders as placemats...what fun!
I hid the patterns and kits under the cake cover...they were dessert!

Here we are enjoying dessert!  What fun!  One of the "Lucky Seven" was out of town, and we'll make sure she gets her kit as soon as she returns.  We have big plans for our trip down Cobblestone Lane...we all want to finish them in time for our guild's quilt show next year!  Our "intent" (after all, life does happen) is to complete the blocks each month, have show and tell as we get each kit,  and thoroughly enjoy our progress and time together.  It's easy for us to envision success when surrounded by a cheerleading squad like this group...friends are such a blessing!

Speaking of blessings...the "Lucky Seven" member on the right...announced that she is engaged to be married!  We are all so happy for her and her future husband!  More to celebrate!  Life is good...take time to dillydally!

Monday, September 14, 2009

Sister DillyDally Comes Home!

Gosh! I can't believe that it has been 10 days since I last posted...once you hear what I've been up to, you'll completely understand! Sister DillyDally arrived in Cordova Tuesday (9/8) for a brief seven day visit...of course had she stayed for a seven week visit, we still would have called it brief! Not only were Mom and Pop DillyDally excited to see her...Teacup was thrilled to have her home!
Kysa was so excited that it was impossible for her to sit or stand still...we attempted many photos...all of them were blurry...this is the best we could do. We adopted Kysa from the shelter as a puppy, seven years ago...that was when Sister left for college...hee-hee...we refer to her as Sister's replacement!
Sister chose this week to visit for many reasons...while here the following activities were scheduled:
  • Her friend, Jessica's baby shower.
  • A friend, Mandy's wedding shower.
  • Mandy's Bachelorette Party.
  • Mandy and Tyson's Wedding.
  • Sister DillyDally's 26th Birthday.
Pictured above, eating Copper River King salmon the first night home was the "calm before the storm" where Mr. DillyDally and I had her all to ourselves. The dinner was exceptional, but having her at the dinner table was heaven!
Let the activities begin! Here she is with many of her high school Jessica's baby shower! What a beautiful gaggle of has been such an honor to watch them grow into the amazing women they are today! These girls have giggled their way through just about everything! It was so fun watching them catch up with one another...they just pick up right where they left off. True kindred spirits!
This is a jellyroll that Sister and I picked out while I was visiting her in Minneapolis. It is called Sss-Silly Safari by Cheri Strole for Moda. After my bus tour, we returned to Blue Bamboo and purchased this and the coordinating border fabric. We had such a great time talking about the many memories we had with Jessica and both agreed that her baby needed a "wild" quilt...none of this pastel stuff! it is as she opened it! It is wild! It should entertain that baby for hours! We all look forward to meeting this baby in December! What fun!
Here is Sister DillyDally with her favorite childhood birthday cake...Strawberry! It is our first gluten free version...what an overflowed in the oven...made a huge mess...and you wouldn't believe the smoke it created! What a hoot! We're has been both an education and fun!
This is the sweater I knit for her birthday gift. It is a pattern published by Noro in a book called Designer Mini Knits by Jenny Watson. The book is filled with multiple patterns perfect for the "20 somethings" or those who still feel like they're in their 20's. :) The yarn is also by Noro and is called Kochoran. The fiber content is 50% wool, 30% angora and 20%silk...and is heaven in your hands! I started it while traveling to Minneapolis in is a quick knit...gauge is 4 stitches to the inch. The buttons are authentic mother of pearl purchased at our local yarn shop, The Net Loft! It was a joy to knit...and no...I don't say that about every knitting project! :)
The week just went by too was fun and packed with terrific memories...I can't even think about the distance between us...or the length of time before I'll be with her again...separation is so difficult...I will seek solace in dillydallying. May dillydallying bring you comfort too.

Friday, September 4, 2009

"The Lucky Seven from Cobblestone Lane"

Remember an earlier post I made during the Minnesota Shop Hop? I said then that this quilt (the one behind the staff of Heavenly Patchwork) was a "Must Make"...not only did I sign up for the Block of the Month, but so did six of my quilt buddies here in Cordova! We are going to have soooo much fun, and believe me...I have the most amazing friends...we know how to giggle our way through everything!

Kay(the women on the left), the owner of Heavenly Patchwork and her staff have been so gracious as all seven of us have been calling and emailing her. The quilt is called "Cobblestone Lane" and was designed by Sherri Falls (the women third from the left) of This n' That fame who also happens to be Kay's daughter. How cool is that?

Kay will be shipping our first packet to us next week, and we plan to have a kick-off party when they arrive. I will keep you posted on the progress of the "The Lucky Seven" as they wander down Cobblestone Lane!

Enjoy your Labor Day weekend and make time to dillydally! Hugs!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Brother DillyDally returns to College

Gosh! Where did the past week go? Between work, volleyball games and giving a workshop at the local fabric was busy! Add to that, my son was preparing to leave for college. My primary sewing project this week was making curtains for his apartment. I had intended to buy curtains while there...this is only temporary housing after all...what's a mother to do when her adult son asks her to make curtains to match the wall quilt she made when he first left for college two years ago? Especially when I saw that the only thing he had done when he dropped off his things this spring for storage, was hang that Alaskan themed wall quilt. Part of it was caught in a photo I took of the apartment while checking it out this summer.
Yes...I turned into mush! He doesn't have to pull those heart strings very hard to get his way...and I love every bit of it! Soooo...after visiting the apartment I knew exactly what fabric to use. I bought too many yards to mention of the stripe print that was part of this summers Minnesota Shop Hop fabric line. It will really help brighten up a basement apartment. Brother DillyDally loves the forest and being in the woods. We live in a temperate rain forest and he loves being outdoors in it no matter what the weather. So I paired the stripe with a forest print that was in my stash. I lined them to help prevent sun damage, and reminded my "man-child" that when he left this apartment the curtains were to leave with him. When he is done using them, I will recycle them into something else for him. Naturally I finished them 45 minutes before we had to leave for the airport...somethings should never change! Hee-hee!
Sunday, August 30th was his last full day at home. The weather cooperated, and he spent it kayaking with friends. He requested one of his favorite meals, Polynesian Stack-Up, and shared it with a few of his friends who hadn't already left for college.
He left Monday evening...and would arrive in Fargo Tuesday afternoon...a very long night ahead of him. We love having him come home to work for the summer...we also know that these summers are we savor it and try to make time stand still...many mixed emotions. He called me last night for instructions on how to hang his curtains...he hadn't even unpacked just warmed my heart and relieved some of the ache.

I am sure to get a lot of dillydallying done this week...I go a bit crazy with the quilting and knitting when my emotions are raw...that kind of busy is good medicine for me. I recommend it for many ailments...get out there and'll feel better!