Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Too Busy, but Lovin' It!

I have been very busy lately, every spare moment spent dillydallying.  Like everyone my job takes up most of my time, which makes any spare time especially precious.  When worried or stressed, I manage it by keeping my hands very busy dillydallying.  After 28 years of marriage, Mr. DillyDally has come to recognize the early symptoms of  my compulsive episodes.  He instinctively knows when to stay out of the way, can identify when it is safe to approach, and has learned to phrase his comments in an acceptable (and often appreciated) format. can evolve!

Here are a few of the things I've been working on over the past two weeks...nothing major...just feeding the compulsion with dillydally nuggets of time...

Pattern is "Pumpkin Party" by Sherri Falls of This &That.  I purchased the pattern this summer and the fabric is from our local quilt shop.  I love Sherri's patterns...the instructions are always clear and easy to follow...just what a quilter needs when stressed!

Another This & That / Sherri Falls pattern using charm squares.  This one is called "Twilight" and was very fun to put together.  I have a third one (remember...I said I was having a compulsive episode!) in progress, will share it when it is pieced.

This kit was purchased during the Minnesota Shop Hop 2008 at Main Street Cotton Shop in Hutchinson, Minnesota.  It is the home of Thimbleberries and Lynette Jensen.  Sister DillyDally and I had made a day trip of it...what fun!  I actually pieced it last fall, but just got around to quilting and binding it this week.  I love the chenille spider webs!  It was fun to finish and wonderful memories are attached to it!  Finishing feels sooo good!

Nooo...I don't (at least usually) wear unmatched socks...but...yes...I always have at least one pair of hand knit socks in progress.  The one on the left is the second of a pair and the other is the first of the next pair.  Fall is already here in Cordova and winter is working its way down the mountainside...our floors will feel cold shortly!  It's true!  I prefer wild socks...our winters are dark and grey...we need color...even on our toes!

This is a kit I picked up this summer at Rosebud's Cottage during the MN Shop Hop.  It is designed by the owner Roseann Kermes.  I haven't done much with felted wool...totally enjoyed this project...needle cases make nice gifts for my quilting friends. 

Well...that is a brief description of my nearly two week "compulsive episode".  Dillydallying really brings me calm amongst the waves.  Do is cheap medicine!

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