Monday, September 28, 2009

Wonderful People Make Great Things Happen!

Now you'll all know what was contributing to some of my stress...our quilting guild held (what we intend to make an annual event) its first "Annual Quilt Show"!  Our guild is about 22 years old and we held a quilt show once early on...but didn't make it a yearly event...obviously, since that was well over 15 years ago! ;)  We often talked about it...dreamed about it...mused over our annual business meeting in April I decided to make it my mission to make it happen and volunteered to be chairperson of this event.  What was I thinking?  Apparently I wasn"t!  Hee-hee!

Fortunately...these women came to the rescue! There were a couple of other women who were also on the committee, but had to attend a friend's wedding when this picture was taken.  As a committee we faced several hurdles...and yes...we had our moments of doubt...but we avoided tears...and got it done!  I cannot thank these ladies was a huge task...we were inexperienced...definitely over our heads...but made it fun.  Our local quilters enjoyed seeing their work displayed and the public appreciated the talented men and women who made the 77 quilts that were on display.  I made a three year commitment to this task, I just hope this crew will have pity on me and bail me out again...PLEEEEESE!  Yes, I'm begging!

I'll share more about the quilts in the show later.  Again...I find myself surrounded by supportive and caring great is that?  And...they all love to dillydally too!

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