Saturday, April 28, 2012

A Week in Review

The last week of April has been a blur ... last weekend was our guilting guild's Spring Retreat!  You can find the details here.
I spent the weekend working on this 007 project ... yep ... just a peek ... more when it is finished! ;-)
I just have to show the pile of four patch "Leaders and Enders" that I was able to piece while working on the 007 project!  I love this Bonnie Hunter technique ... it is like accomplishing two things at once!
Three days this week were spent in Anchorage.  This is the view from our hotel patio.
We found spring in full bloom while visiting a nursery!  I could have spent a whole day there!  The colors and smell of dirt ... yep, a little slice of heaven here on earth!  Our local nursery opens Mother's Day weekend ... cannot wait!
Flicka is growing quickly ... over the three days we were gone, she seemed to double in size!
She is a "paws (hands) on" supervisor!
Hmmm ... sometimes her version of "helping" gets in the way of making progress on projects! ;-)
She is very attentive ... and doesn't miss anything!
Uh-oh!  Someone fell asleep on the job!
The sewing room is Disneyland to Flicka.  There is so much for her to explore!  She is sew fun to watch!  Kittens are wired to live the dillydally lifestyle!
Do what you love.   Behave like a kitten.  Do dillydally!
Mrs. DillyDally

Monday, April 23, 2012

Touched by Kindness

I'm not sure if I have mentioned it lately ...
Front deck 4.22.12
... I love my dillydally life.  Six years ago, when I began developing the dillydally approach to living ... I had no idea so many acts of kindness would touch this simple life of mine.

For example ... I have met some amazing people through this extremely humble blog ... one in particular is Susan.  I met her while doing the Orca Bay Mystery ... through Bonnie's link up events.  We started communicating, she follows my blog and I hers.  Out of nowhere ... the other day ... she awarded Dilly-dally Days the Liebster Award!
This award is an avenue by which small bloggers (under 200 followers) can recognize and show appreciation for one another.  I understand that it began in Germany and that "liebster" means favorite or dearest.  Well ... I am always amazed that anyone reads all my nonfunsense, let alone follows it! ;-)  I am so touched by Susan's gesture of kindness.

There are rules that come with this award ... now normally when I hear the word "rules" defiance rises to the surface!  But in this instance ... I love these rules!

  1. Thank the blogger that presented you with this award!  We dillydallies are all about showing appreciation!  It is the dillydally way!  I cannot begin to thank Susan enough ... she has touched my heart!
  2. Link back to the blogger that awarded you!  Absolutely!  You will love Susan and her quilting just as I do!  Please explore her blog!  Please follow her blog!
  3. Copy and paste the blog award to your blog.  Are you kidding?  Not only will I do that ... I might just tattoo it on my forehead!  Hmmm...maybe that is a bit extreme...will think about it though! ;-)
  4. Reveal your five blog nominees, each with fewer than 200 followers.  This is the most difficult rule.  But I love the idea of passing kindness on to others ... just tough to choose five.
  5. Let them know you've chosen them!  Easy squeezy ... love to bring others good news!
So ... after much contemplation ... wish I could nominate all the blogs I read with under 200 followers ... here are only 5 of my many favorites!
Three of these blogs have under 10 followers ... I remember how long it took for me to have 10 followers ... I celebrated that day!  Last week I reached 80 followers and nearly fainted!  It was like winning the lottery!
Sheridan River 4.22.12
I think ... are you surprised? ;-)  Some bloggers have thousands of followers, some have only a few ... what really matters is that we all have a voice ... and a life ... that we share.  Relationships are everything.  When we reach the end of this journey ... we won't be thinking about the number of followers we had ... we'll be thinking about those who shared the journey with us.  Thank you Susan ... for sharing your journey and having an interest in mine ... I treasure your kindness and your friendship.
Do what you love.  Choose kindness!  Do dillydally!
Mrs. DillyDally
Sorry...but I just couldn't have a post without a picture of Flicka! ;-)  

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Big Adventures in the Sewing Room!

I have been busy doing 007 sewing for the new quilt shop ... so am unable to share what I've been working on.
Sew ... I'll share some photos of Flicka's first day in the sewing room!  Here she meets "Her Majesty" for the first time.  Flicka was so intrigued by the wonder of this machine.  Her trepidation was quickly replaced by catitude curiosity!  Too cute!
Her favorite spot seemed to be the garbage can.  Jumping in and out appeared to be fun.  She knocked things off the sewing table into it.  And she enjoyed taking all the bits and pieces of fabric and paper out of it.  Such a helper! ;-)
After cleaning out the garbage, she decided it was the perfect place to take a nap!  Who knew cleaning out a garbage can and making a mess was so exhausting!
Her supervisory instincts placed her in the right location ... she just lacks the common sense not to catch that needle as it goes up and down!  For her own safety, her time in the sewing room will need to be limited ... for now.
However, Flicka has completely mastered her computer skills!  She actively supervises all blogging activities.  What a personality this little bundle of fur has ... a perfect fit for the DillyDally family!  Mr. DD and I only wish her rocket level speed would rub off on us!
Do what you love! Do dillydally! 
Mrs. DillyDally

Saturday, April 14, 2012

What a Week in Dillydallydom!

OMGosh Good Golly!  What a week it has been in dillydallydom!
We adopted a new family supervisor member ... Flicka!  After a week under the DillyDally roof, she has adapted and works hard at keeping this house organized and family members on task!  I don't know how we managed before her arrival!  She is so fun!
 Here are a few "Peeps" I experimented making with bits of leftover wool felt!  I love how they came out ... but have yet to apply their features!  I will be collecting wool in "Peep" colors and plan to make a basket  full for next year.  Too much fun!
I also finished the hand work on the Easter Egg runner!
I have sew enjoyed this project!  Working with quality materials make such a difference!  This pattern and kit came from Bird Brain Designs.
I don't have a lot of experience when it comes to wool applique, and definitely consider myself a beginner.  The pattern instructions were wonderful ... I am a very happy and satisfied customer!  A great pattern, good instuctions and high quality materials ensure success!  Yep, I filled my Easter weekend with wool and handwork ... a wonderful way to dillydally!
And .... of course Monday has a permanent place in dillydally history!  Yep, little ole Mrs. Nobody quilting here in nowhere had 13 minutes of fame!  Big thanks are due to Pat Sloan and Roseann Kermes!    If you would like to hear my interview, you can do so here.  Yep ... fame is very fleeting, it is back to cleaning toilets and washing dishes for me! ;-)
Which brings me to the DillyDally Give-A-Way!  I loved all the comments that were left on my posts this week!  It was fun to hear about your favorite dillydally lifestyle characteristic!  Thank you to everyone who commented ... I love hearing from you!  Yep, that is frost you see on the front deck railing ... spring is still a ways off here in my remote corner of the planet!

The winner of the Alaska Forget-Me-Not cup cozy and can of Copper River Smoked Salmon is ... Fran!  Her favorite dillydally characteristic was "no longer associating guilt with dillydallying"!  Mr. DillyDally drew her number out of the comments left this week!  I will be contacting you via email to get your mailing address Fran!
Walking ... without crutches ... outdoors ... served as the frosting on the cake of a very wonderful week!  Dillydallying is all about enjoying the simple pleasures we find in our lives!  Thanks for sharing this terrific week with me!
Do what you love!  Do dillydally!
Mrs. DillyDally
Oh-oh!  Someone fell asleep on the job! ;-)

Friday, April 13, 2012

Recovery! Yep...It is Happening!

We have enjoyed some beautiful weather...
...even though it still looks like a winter wonderland...
... recovery from our Snowpocalypse has begun!  Waterfalls are a sure sign that the melt is happening!
Ice on the road has been replaced with mud ... and puddles!  See my boot?
Another sign of recovery ... for the first time in six months ... I am outside ... walking without crutches ... and nearly no pain!  Now, there is a reason to do a "happy dance"!
Surrounded with recovery ... of all kinds!  Life is good!
Do what you love! Do dillydally!
Mrs. DillyDally
P.S.  Flicka says, "Peek-A-Boo"!
P.S.S.  Don't forget to leave a comment about your favorite dillydally characteristic!
Today ... Friday the 13th ... midnight Alaska time is the deadline!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

We've Been Adopted!

We thought we were adopting her...
First few minutes at her new home.  4.6.12
... but in true catittude style, it was more about her adopting us!  Meet Flicka DillyDally!
We had no intention of having another cat join the DillyDally clan ... that was before we saw this sweet face.
She immediately claimed this recliner and quilt as her personal property ...
... that first evening she tolerated us, but attached herself to the chair and quilt.  That was where she played and slept ... when we would try to distract her with toys and things around the house ... she quickly returned to her chair and quilt ... it was her safety zone.  So stinkin' cute!
Like all kittens ... she is as fast as a bullet ... getting action photos are tough!  By Saturday, she was much more relaxed and seemed to enjoy her new home.  ;-)  And tolerated our affections a bit more!

The sewing room is too unsafe for a kitten her age, so we haven't let her in there yet ... but that hasn't prevented her from assuming her supervisory role!
She actively supervises all of my blogging related activities!
Nothing escapes her scrutiny!  We knew we had been a bit slack on our housekeeping ... well, that has changed now that Flicka is in charge!  The dust bunnies have been rounded up ... things are quickly put away in their proper place ... yep, she is whipping us into shape!
By Monday, she had decided to keep us ... even though supervising the DillyDally family is exhausting!
Who knew?  We need her ... we're so happy she decided we are worth the effort!
Do what you love.  It is great to be supervised!  Do dillydally!
Mrs. DillyDally 
P.S.  Don't forget the give-a-way!  Leave a comment identifying your favorite "dillydallier characteristic"!

Monday, April 9, 2012

WOW! What a Dillydally Day!

Well ... my heart rate has returned to normal!  Sew has my breathing!  I haven't checked my blood pressure, but it usually isn't a problem.  Yep ... my 13 minutes of fame has come and gone ... life has returned to normal in my remote corner of the planet!  ;-)

Remember, as children we would watch the clock the last hour of school everyday ... and the minute hand never seemed to move at all ... it was always the longest hour of the day!  That is exactly what this morning felt like ... it seemed like it was taking forever for noon to arrive!

So in true dillydally fashion ... to reduce my stress and help the time pass ... I decided to sew! 
Since my segment of the radio show was about quilting and living in Alaska ... I wanted to sew something that had an Alaskan theme.  The Forget-Me-Not is Alaska's state flower.  It can grow in extreme conditions ... and its fragrance is lovely.
I made this quilt to commemorate Alaska's 50th year of statehood.  

The alternating squares are of stenciled Alaskan wildflowers.  This is a close up of the Forget-Me-Not block.  

Oh ... how I love this small and simple flower.  I used them in my wedding and collect any and every fabric I find with Forget-Me-Nots on it!  Sew ... this morning I pulled some of those fabrics out ...
And made an Alaskan themed cup cozy and embellished it with my dillydally quote, "Do what you love!"
"Do dillydally!"  This cup cozy along with a can of smoked Copper River salmon (caught by Brother DillyDally) will be given to one of you!  All you have to do is leave a comment on any post dated April 9th - 13th.  In my efforts to promote the dillydally lifestyle, your comment must reference your favorite "You know you're a dillydallier when" characteristics listed on the right hand column.  On Saturday a winner will be drawn and announced!  This salmon and small quilt tool caddy from Alaska could be yours!

I knew Pat Sloan was a dillydallier when she posted this picture of herself recently. soon as I saw it I knew we were kindred spirits!  If you follow the link, you'll understand immediately what I mean!  She is such an incredible person and immediately made me feel comfortable!  The podcast is now available here.  Scroll down the page until you see the player ... click on the play button!  Super easy!

What a wonderful, crazy, over the top, super dillydally day!  Thanks for sharing it with me!
Do what you love!  Forget-Me-Not!  Do dillydally!
Mrs. DillyDally