Saturday, April 14, 2012

What a Week in Dillydallydom!

OMGosh Good Golly!  What a week it has been in dillydallydom!
We adopted a new family supervisor member ... Flicka!  After a week under the DillyDally roof, she has adapted and works hard at keeping this house organized and family members on task!  I don't know how we managed before her arrival!  She is so fun!
 Here are a few "Peeps" I experimented making with bits of leftover wool felt!  I love how they came out ... but have yet to apply their features!  I will be collecting wool in "Peep" colors and plan to make a basket  full for next year.  Too much fun!
I also finished the hand work on the Easter Egg runner!
I have sew enjoyed this project!  Working with quality materials make such a difference!  This pattern and kit came from Bird Brain Designs.
I don't have a lot of experience when it comes to wool applique, and definitely consider myself a beginner.  The pattern instructions were wonderful ... I am a very happy and satisfied customer!  A great pattern, good instuctions and high quality materials ensure success!  Yep, I filled my Easter weekend with wool and handwork ... a wonderful way to dillydally!
And .... of course Monday has a permanent place in dillydally history!  Yep, little ole Mrs. Nobody quilting here in nowhere had 13 minutes of fame!  Big thanks are due to Pat Sloan and Roseann Kermes!    If you would like to hear my interview, you can do so here.  Yep ... fame is very fleeting, it is back to cleaning toilets and washing dishes for me! ;-)
Which brings me to the DillyDally Give-A-Way!  I loved all the comments that were left on my posts this week!  It was fun to hear about your favorite dillydally lifestyle characteristic!  Thank you to everyone who commented ... I love hearing from you!  Yep, that is frost you see on the front deck railing ... spring is still a ways off here in my remote corner of the planet!

The winner of the Alaska Forget-Me-Not cup cozy and can of Copper River Smoked Salmon is ... Fran!  Her favorite dillydally characteristic was "no longer associating guilt with dillydallying"!  Mr. DillyDally drew her number out of the comments left this week!  I will be contacting you via email to get your mailing address Fran!
Walking ... without crutches ... outdoors ... served as the frosting on the cake of a very wonderful week!  Dillydallying is all about enjoying the simple pleasures we find in our lives!  Thanks for sharing this terrific week with me!
Do what you love!  Do dillydally!
Mrs. DillyDally
Oh-oh!  Someone fell asleep on the job! ;-)


  1. Just found your blog due to your interview with Pat. What fun! I enjoyed the interview and look forward to perusing your blog. I love you attitude about quilting and the quilting community!

  2. Your blog is one of my favorites and I am happy to choose you for a Liebster Award!