Sunday, December 18, 2011

A DillyDally Family Milestone!

Do you see the light behind those blue eyes?  And that sweet dimple on his chin?  This is Brother DillyDally's kindergarten picture.  Of all his school pictures this is my favorite ... they really captured his personality!  He is our second and youngest child ... and has always been a source of joy and adventure!
Here he is as a high school senior ... mountain biking ... covered in mud!  No...he didn't have a disease of some sort ... ;-) ...that is mud sprayed all over him, and he loved it!  Yep ... he is "all boy" ... always seeking adventure ... those blue eyes and that dimple are still there!
He loves being outdoors ... from early on he was in a constant state of motion ... still is ... he creates adventure!
See ... I'm not kidding!  He is the one in the background ... I can't even think about how high up they are without getting dizzy!  Whew!  I am so glad I wasn't there ... this sort of thing I like to hear about after the fact!
He has spent his summers working and playing in the woods while attending college.  It makes him happy ... inside and out!  And every day is filled with adventure!
He is an Alaskan child ... very comfortable and at home in the wilds of our great state.
 He has traveled the world ... and taken that dimple with him! ;-)
He obviously took his sense of humor with him as well! this "guy humor" or what?  ;-)
Every time he comes home from college, Mr. DillyDally and I marvel at the growth in him as an individual.  Like all parents, it is a thrill to watch your child evolve into the person they were meant to be.
Friday was Brother DillyDally's last day as a college undergraduate!  The college does not have a winter graduation ceremony, so we will see him in his cap and gown next May!  When he comes home next week for the holidays ... his new adventure will have already begun!  

We are so proud of you Son!  Congratulations! 


  1. I am so proud of your son too! He reminds me of our youngest son...full of life and adventure.
    Congratulations to you and Mr. DillyDally too!

  2. I can see both Mr. and Mrs. DD in him...congrats!

  3. What a lovely, lovely chronicle. Best of luck to him.