Thursday, June 3, 2010

QBee & Me - Our Own Minnesota Shop Hop!

I welcomed a QBee to Minneapolis today!  What fun to have a quilt buddy join me here in Minnesota!  QBee Diane arrived from Cordova at 12:30 pm today!  I allowed her to take a bathroom break, purchase a latte' and then we were off to get our rental car!  We had to hurry...we had quilt shops to visit...fabric to fondle...patterns to peruse...and Minnesota's beautiful countryside to see!  By 1:30 we were on Interstate 494, our mapquest instructions in hand!  The itinerary I had created for today involved visiting 3 quilt shops and traveling as far west as Alexandria, where we are spending the night.  So come along...

Heavenly Patchwork Quilt Shop - Waconia, Minnesota

This shop had to be our first stop because Kay (the owner) is truly an every way...not only does she have a terrific shop...she is the one we subscribed to the Cobblestone BOM with.  The QBees and I had such a great time this winter, working on our blocks...all of which was documented here on Dilly-Dally Days!  She built such a valuable relationship with us...even though we are nearly 4,000 miles away...that two QBees signed up for their current BOM! It is pictured on the right in the photo below.  I can't wait to see the finished ones by our QBees in Cordova!
This is just a taste of all the goodness found at Heavenly Patchwork!  While there, a woman came in to show Kay two of her completed quilts...
She had made this for her parents in celebration of their 50th Wedding Anniversary!
The blocks that appear white in the first photo are actually antique white handkerchiefs.  It was a beautiful quilt.  Stunning!
This was the second quilt brought in by the same customer!  It was great to watch Kay and her staff encourage this quilter in her efforts.  What a caring and supportive place!
The Heavenly Patchwork crew has already begun working on their Minnesota Shop Hop projects as well.  What creativity!
QBee Diane and Kay with the next BOM
And after we had visited ... shopped ... visited ... shopped and visited some more ... Diane and I signed up for Sherri's (did I mention the designer of This n' That fame, Sherri Falls is Kay's daughter?) club called "Sweet Pickins"!  It will begin in September...each month we'll receive a new unreleased pattern and fabric!  We can't wait to tell the other QBees about it and hope that many of them will join us!

Our time with Kay in her shop was soooo enjoyable...she really is an angel!  Thank you Kay for a wonderful afternoon!

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  1. I used to live in Mn. and was at Kay's shop when she first opened it. I was glad to see that she's doing well and the shop is so beautiful. You are so right she's a LOVELY person and great quilter..(has an awesome daughter that does beautiful quilting) THANKS for sharing your tour of her shop and good luck with your BOM projects. I'll keep you on my blog watch since I don't get to quilt anymore it's fun to see what others are doing~