Saturday, June 12, 2010

"QBee & Me" - Day 3 - June 5

Colorz for Quilts - Brainerd, MN - Shop 2

It was a quick and easy drive down to Brainerd.  Our next shop was one I visited for the first time last year.  It is diverse in the types of quilting it promotes, I was amazed last year by all the styles of quilting found here as well as the many classes, clubs and activities they sponsored ... signs of a very inspirational place!
Diane and I fell in love with this pink lawn chair ... we both want one ... we just knew we were going to love what we were about to find indoors ... we were right!  Of course!

Diane bought a kit for the quilt second from the right ... it screams Diane, doesn't it?
Tons of inspiring samples...
There is a new ruler available for making this pattern ... wish we had it when we made ours a few years back.  Actually, I wish we'd been the ones smart enough to create it ... then we might have been able to quit our real jobs, and dillydally full time! ;-)

I loved seeing their BOM projects in two color ways ... gosh ... they were beautiful!
Another version of the apron quilt pattern I bought at Common Threads ... I love seeing the same pattern made up in different ways ... it increases the possibilities for your own version!  We enjoyed our visit here, Diane came out with a batik quilt kit and I left with a collection of 30's fabric that will become part of my apron quilt ... both will serve as a reminder or our QBee and Me Minnesota Shop Hop!  ...lovely memories... ...

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  1. I've loved "traveling" with you during your trip to Minnesota. Love all the quilt shops and samples. Thank you for sharing. Peggy