Monday, June 7, 2010

QBee & Me-Day Two-MN Shop Hop 3

Back Porch Quilts - Detroit Lakes - 6/4/10

Our third shop on Day Two of our hop was Back Porch Quilts.  Last year was the first time I had been to this shop...I was looking forward to returning and sharing it with a QBee!
Yes!  It really does have a huge porch!  Filled with quilts, fabrics, patterns ... you find yourself inspired before you even get in the door!
Moon Glow was the first thing Diane saw when we walked in ... she only has a few blocks left on hers ... it is always inspiring to see something you're working on done ... you know what you have to look forward to!
It's always fun to see types and styles of quilts mixed together in the same display ... this just screamed "farm country" to me ... I loved it!  
Another version of Heather Mulder's pattern from her "Sixties" book.  What fun!
QBee Terry back in Alaska and I are big fans of Pam Bono ... I had never seen this pattern before ... it is a block of the month ... I think the QBees and I might have to get our hands on this pattern ... the quilt is stunning Terry ... wish you had been here to see it!
Darling children's section...some of our QBees are having children this summer ... some are having grandchildren ...  wish they could have seen this ... just too darn cute!
Love it!  Just breathes farm country!
This chain and star quilt just has Mrs. DillyDally written all over it!  If it had been for sale, I probably would have bought it!  It just needs to be mine!  Seriously!!!!

The owner, Terri, sat down with us and explained their current clubs ... it was so kind and wonderful of her ... of course clubs were as wonderful as she is!  One was a seasonal wall quilt each month ... hence the watermelon with ants ... no ... I didn't join the club ... yes, I did buy the patterns and kit for June and July!  I just couldn't help myself!
This is another BOM ... it teaches everyone to use all those stitches that our machines are capable of, but we never use.  It sounds like a ton of fun!  They have used the decorative stitches on the backgrounds ... how clever is that?  Love it!
This block of the month had both Diane and I speechless.  Yes ... I ... Mrs. DillyDally was speechless!  Ask Diane ... she was there!  Gosh ... we were both sooooo tempted ... but we refrained ...  we are both so ashamed of ourselves ... what kind of dillydallier practices restraint?  We learned our lesson ... we have since recovered! ;-)

Sooo one of our retirement dreams is to park an RV in the parking lot of Back Porch Quilts, and spend a summer dillydallying with Terri and her crew...sounds wonderful, doesn't it?  It was late afternoon when we left...we pushed the speed limit in our efforts to get to shop four ... but that's another story for another post...

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