Saturday, June 19, 2010

New Shop for Me - A Noble Quilter

As knitters and quilters ... we like repetition ... repeating a sequence of stitches ... making multiple blocks ... it feels familiar ... it brings comfort.   But ... then there are times when we seek change ... having no idea what we'll find.  I love that!  On Wednesday, June 9th I traveled from the twin cities to Bemidji ... now I've made that trip in both directions multiple (probably hundreds) times in my fifty-something life ... always taking the same route.  I'm not sure why ... no, a fly ball at the Twins game the night before didn't hit me in the head ... but I did meet an idol, Terry Atkinson while there!  I know ... I know ... I've already mentioned that ... but the thrill lingers ... ;-) !   Who really knows what motivates someone to change things up ... but that morning ... on a whim ... I chose to travel to see my family via a different route!  I felt like shaking things up a bit!
Some where in "Blog Land" earlier this year, I saw this new shop in Elk River, Mn featured.  I apologize, because I do not remember who or what blog it was on, but I remember thinking that if I had the chance, I would try to visit it.  Soooo ... since that seemed like the day to try out a new traveling route ... I would make sure it was near this shop.  It was very easy to find!
They carried a line of embroidery/quilt patterns that I had never seen before.  Of course, now I'm unable to remember the name ... dang ... but Angela, the shop owner said that it was a designer that had just recently moved to Minnesota.  The patterns were wonderful ... and multiple!  What fun to see!

These small quilts are made monthly by a club here at the shop.  Gosh I loved them ... you know me and traditional patchwork patterns ... I can't help myself!  Don't you just love the scissors?  Paul Bunyan size!
This is a BOM that the shop is currently running.  It is by Sherri Falls of This n' That patterns.  Angela made it up in five different colorways (I know...can you imagine the work?) for her customers.
Samples everywhere ... in different levels of difficulty ...
... in multiple styles ...
... with wide range of fabrics!
This is a recent new design by Crabapple Hill done in a different colorway ... the pattern is published in blue and yellows ... this sample was done in rose and brown tones ... absolutely gorgeous!
What fun ... what inspiration!
Angela is the one on the right ... what a peach!  The woman next to her ... also a peach ... works for Angela ... and was spending her day off in the shop sewing!  What a hoot!  Actions speak louder than words in this instance, don't they?

It was hard to get back on the road ... Angela has such a warm personality ... and a very inspiring shop ... I'm so thrilled that my act of change took me to The Noble Quilter!  It will become a must stop in the future ... oh, by the way ... did I mention ... my quilt idol lives in Elk River! ;-)

Sooo dillydalliers out there in Blog Land ... invite change ... great things (like this shop) and great people (like Angela) have an opportunity to enter your life!  OMGosh ... dillydallying is good!

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