Tuesday, June 8, 2010

QBee & Me-Day Two-MN Shop Hop 4

The Quilted Lady Bug - Moorhead, Shop 4

We drove as fast as was legal ( ok...we drove above the speed limit ... at least we weren't caught!) in order to get to the Quilted Lady Bug before it closed.  Naturally as we approached the area there was major road construction going on ... UMPHHHH ... we arrived at the store 5 minutes before it was to close.

It was a beautiful, warm early evening as we sheepishly walked in ... we promised not to keep them ... they were very gracious and didn't apply any pressure... look at what we saw...
...we both really liked how the quilt in the middle showcased the oriental print that was used ... great setting to showcase a favorite fabric...
...the batik quilt on the left really caught our eye ... great use of neutral batiks ... we both loved it!
Batiks just drawn in Diane like a magnet!  Too cute!
Another version of Terry Atkinson's Fire Escape pattern ... nearly every shop we visited had their version of this quilt on display ... it was so fun to see each interpretation...
Lodge look ... fits our Alaska lifestyle well ... another sample of setting shown earlier in smaller size ... what fun!
The quilt on the left was my favorite ... "Chocolate Covered Cherries" ... the fabrics they chose are absolutely delicious ... every pun intended ... of course I bought the book that has the pattern!  

Look at the Lady Bug quilt showcased at the register ... it is soooo cute!  We inadvertently kept them open longer than we intended, but I think we made it worth their while ... ;-) !

I showed Diane the Concordia campus ... where Mr. DillyDally and I met ... where Brother DillyDally now attends ... checked on Brother's apartment and car.  We checked into our hotel ... did some shopping at West Acres Mall ... had a wonderful Mexican meal ... returned to the hotel to go over the treasures we found that day.  The four shops we visited that Friday were wonderful in every way imaginable ... they showed us such kindness and provided us with a lot of inspiration!  What a great way to dillydally a day with a QBee!  Yep ... life is good!

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