Friday, June 4, 2010

QBee & Me - Our Minnesota Shop Hop! Shop Two

Blue Bamboo - Plymouth, Minnesota

Our group of QBees in Cordova have been quilting together for years...we know one another well...some might say too well! ;-)  Because we know one another well, when we see certain fabrics, quilts, or projects they just call out to a certain QBees personality!  Last summer when I went to Blue Bamboo for the first time...that shop just screamed QBees Terry B. and Diane!  So when Diane decided that she was coming to Minnesota ... I was determined to make sure I got her there.

Coming from our remote corner of the world ... we were completely taken off guard by the experience called "rush hour traffic" ... we literally crawled our way from Waconia to Plymouth!  It took forever ... now I know where "road rage" comes from ... ;-)!  We finally got there 10 minutes before they closed!  UGH!!! I was trying soooo hard not to be upset ... I think I hid it well.

I wish you all could have seen Diane's response when we got inside ... talk about a kid in a candy store ... it was just too darn cute!  The owner, I apologize ... we never got her name was so enjoyable ... and kind ... she offered to stay open later for us!  Aren't quilters just the nicest people?  Gosh ... that made such a difference ... we could just relax ... soak it all in ... and shop!
The selection was over the top ... over 6,000 bolts worth ... and aren't the samples unbelievable?  Diane found many treasures ... so did I ... but Blue Bamboo's greatest treasure is the personality and kindness of the shop owner!  Thanks for staying open late and for the inspiration!

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