Thursday, June 10, 2010

Up North - Minnesota's Up North

Yep ... I'm back in beaver country ... I honestly laughed out loud to myself this morning when I saw these parked on the street ... I love Bemidji ... for lots of reasons ... the BSU Beavers being one of them!  

Of course I had to make one last visit to Emily's Country Cottage ... after all it will be another year before I return!  Emily was on her way to Brainerd to be a vendor at their quilt show ... hmmmm ... I may just have to stop by on my way back to Minneapolis. always...this shop does not disappoint...they had samples up that were not there during my last visit!  Take a look...
This is another example where Emily used chenille in the solid colored alternating blocks ... it is stunning ... I love it! 
This one just breathes spring and summer ... tis the season!
The fabrics in this just scream ... Mrs. DillyDally!
I love the combination of embroidery and patchwork ... this pattern is coming home with me ... it was  screaming Mrs. DillyDally!
Love it ... even without seeing it unfolded!
A Bare Roots design ... so simple ... too sweet!
Patchwork ... wool applique' ... embroidery ... holiday theme ... can life get any more perfect?
Everywhere you look at Emily's cottage there are samples to inspire ... even when you look up ... yes they hang them on the ceiling ... almost too good to be true!

I love all the patchwork ... I love almost everything about quilting ... but especially patchwork.  Emily always has a lot of it on display ... no wonder it is a "happy camp" for me!
All QBees ... far and wide ... deserve to have this hanging in their homes ... "I love all things handmade" ... too perfect!  You might recall that in my earlier post I talked about how I look forward every year to what each shop does with the MN Shop Hop fabrics ... Emily's shop always comes up with exceptional ideas are a few they've come up with since I was here in May ...

... I know ... incredible, right? Since I am unable to travel to Minnesota twice in the same summer,  I have come up with plans to celebrate the MN Shop Hop back home in Alaska ... had a chance to discuss my ideas with Emily during my earlier visit, so she is already on board ... plan to talk to Roseann of Rosebud's Cottage next week to see what she thinks ... soooo my QBees in Cordova, hope you're up for some fun, Minnesota style!

Shawn and Linda are covering the shop while Emily is in Brainerd...they were such fun!  Several other customers were in the shop as well ... some were also from out of state ... the place was filled with giggles ... always a great sign!  Shawn shared that she had told Emily this morning, "Don't worry about a thing.  We'll begin serving beer at 11:00 am and pizza is scheduled to be delivered at 11:30!"  What a hoot!  We all laughed so hard ... unfortunately, these ladies don't know Mrs. DillyDally very well ... when I heard that ... I felt compelled to do something.  I won't go into the particulars ... what happens in the quilt circle, stays in the quilt circle ... I take full responsibility for this nonsense...Shawn and Linda were innocent victims of my warped sense of humor ... we didn't really behave badly ... it was all in good fun. ;-)
I love Bemidji!

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