Friday, June 25, 2010

Happy Birthday Brother DillyDally!

Look at this guy ... isn't he just the cutest?
Brother DillyDally - Age 7
Yesterday was his 22nd birthday ... how is that possible?  That sweet face ... those blue eyes ... that dimple on his chin ... yes ... he could charm all of us with little effort ... it was hard not to give him everything and anything he wanted!  Don't let that angelic face fool you ... he was all boy ... full of bologna ... plenty of mischief ... but a very kind heart ... and a sweet soul ... I loved every minute of it!

We're Scandinavians, so celebrations are all about the food!  I swear ... this is no exaggeration ... I spent the entire day in the kitchen!  Brother had his favorite breakfast ...

... caramel rolls!  He and I cracked up when we looked at this and saw the secondary image ... what a hoot!  A very fierce "cobber" scowling at the caramel rolls ... it was just too entertaining to change ... hhhmmm ... that cobber must be counting calories ... ;-)

For dinner we had "Halibut Tacos - DillyDally Style" ... they must have been good ... Mr. DillyDally has requested them again tonight.  There were no leftovers ... so it is a startover!  Oh well ... food keeps my Viking men happy! 

Like all true Scandinavians, Brother loves his coffee ... so it only made sense to have a chocolate mocha cake.  Mr. DillyDally used his talents to make homemade vanilla ice cream!  We were so stuffed ... we could have referred to ourselves as the "Rolley-Polley" family! ;-)

The highlight of the evening was giving Brother his gifts.  It is always so hard to find the perfect gift for a man-child ... we usually resort to gift cards.  While visiting my brother in Bemidji this summer, he and his sons showed me video on their computer that they had taken with sunglasses that have a built in video camera!  Brother DillyDally spends a lot of time hiking and kayaking here in the summer ... I bought him a pair!  OMGosh!  What a hit!  It always feels so good when you give someone a gift they instantly love!  Mr DillyDally thought they were pretty awesome as well!
Here is Brother DillyDally ... in his new glasses ... videotaping me taking a picture of him ... downloading it onto his computer ... technology ... crazy, huh?

Time with my children has always been precious to me ... now that they are adults that time is more limited and becomes even more valuable ... I try hard not to take it for granted.  Behind those dark glasses he's wearing, are those same beautiful blue eyes ... and underneath that beard, his dimple remains ... he still knows how to pour on the charm ... and even though he is a man, I still see evidence of that kind heart and sweet soul.  I know that I'm biased, but I still think he is just the cutest ... and he is still full of bologna!  Can't you just hear the groan he'll make when he reads this?  Love it! ;-)  
It was a beautiful day in every way possible ... dillydallying in the kitchen all day ... great food ... celebrating  with family ... the giving of gifts ... great weather ... life is good!  My advice ... do dillydally!


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  1. Hello Mrs. Dilly-Dally,
    Happy Birthday to Brother Dilly-Dally. I think he's cute too. Sounds like you had a wonderful celebration. It looks like one of those very beautiful days in Alaska. I so loved those days. The good ones like that make the really bad ones OK. Enjoy!