Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Why I travel nearly 4,000 miles to shop at Emily's Country Cottage!

Emily's Country Cottage is located in beautiful Bemidji, Minnesota!  This shop is located in a quaint building that I assume was at one time a home!
I started coming to Emily's Cottage many years ago when it was primarily a gift shop, with most of the gift items being handmade by Emily herself.  Multiple friends and family have handmade items in their homes that were made by Emily.  It has been such a privilege to watch her shop grow over time.  I look forward to visiting this quilt shop every year.  While there yesterday Emily was asked why people would travel 100 miles to visit her must understand that she is a soft spoken, humble person (yes...I know...nothing like me!)  and before she could answer...of course I spoke up...and announced that I travel nearly 4,000 miles to shop there!  ;-)

It is so easy to be a cheerleader for Emily and her shop!  Every square inch of this building is filled with inspiration!  Once you go there, you'll know that I am not exaggerating!  Literally...there are samples every where of every size imaginable!  Take a look see...
I loved how she used a chenille fabric for the plain blocks...hmmm...I wish I had walked out the door with a kit for this in my bag...I may just have to phone in an order when I get home.  Her service is wonderful...both over the phone and email.
This is a "Row by Row" quilt that they are sponsoring as a group.  Check out their website, they have several events that they sponsor...but I'll warn makes you want to move to Bemidji...just to participate and join the fun!
I fell in love with this table topper pattern...of course it is coming home with me!  Love it!  I think it would make a great auction item for our guild's fundraiser!  Yes...there is more...
Yes...these are a few of the quilts that are hung on the ceiling...remember...I said every square inch!
Now we're upstairs...that is where she has most of wool applique fabrics, samples and patterns.
Next we travel down to the basement.  This is where her classroom is located, all of her flannels and batiks are also located here.
Even the porch is filled with treasure...
Talk about inspiration...and remember...this is just a fraction of the samples on display.  And don't forget that I didn't even show you the fabric and supplies that support all of these samples.  The variety is can not help but be inspired!

Another reason I travel so far to shop here is Emily's original are but a few...
Emily is so modest about her talent...and this is just a very small sample of her original designs.  I left with two kits of her original patterns...can't post photos of them...they are 007 projects so must remain under cover... ;-) !

While we were visiting yesterday, I shared with her how much I was going to miss not participating in the Minnesota Shop Hop in August...she took pity on me...and showed me the fabric and designs she is working on...
Too yummy for words!  While there a large pieced quilt top made with these fabrics was brought was incredible...came from the book, Traditions with a Twist!  Amazing!  Can't wait to see what else Emily and her crew come up with!  A couple of the earlier photos show quilts that were made with the fabrics from 2008 and 2009!  

As quilters, we're surrounded by an incredible treasure of fabrics, designs and supplies.  And we can find them our communities, when we travel and online.  So...I ask...if we can shop anywhere, at any time, in our pajamas if we want...why do we travel great distances to visit a quilt shop in person?  The answer is simple...
Shaun and Emily of Emily's Country Cottage
Yes...this shop has incredible samples, an amazing supply of fabrics, and unsurpassed talent, but I return each year because of the warmth, generosity and friendship the women who greet me share.  They empower those that enter their doors with support and encouragement.  So the answer as to why travel great distances to a quilt shop is is human touch that makes an experience enjoyable...and when we find pleasure in the company of others...we want more...and we will travel thousands of miles for it.  So Emily...I hope I have helped you answer that question...thanks for everything you've done to enhance my dillydally lifestyle...I am truly grateful.

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