Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Home Sweet Home

I arrived home here in Cordova, Alaska on Sunday afternoon and hit the ground running. Well...that is a bit of an exaggeration...between the time change and jet lag, I was forced to take a three hour nap, but after that I started running! ;) Full time dillydallying has come to a close as the school year began on Monday! In my real life I am a public school teacher. I love keeps me young...and no two days are alike!
Coming home always brings mixed emotions to the surface...happy to be home...sad to leave Sister DillyDally. This year it was a little easier, as she is coming home in September. My plants really suffered while I was gone...Mr. DillyDally admits that he doesn't have a green thumb, and he didn't notice that the eight hanging baskets on the deck looked thirsty...seems pretty obvious to me... ;) ...I'm just saying...
Peanut, my sewing mascot and companion, is happy I returned! She says that she really missed me while I was gone! Poor Peanut!
Early Monday morning Peanut and Teacup DillyDally were begging me to do a little sewing before I went to school...look at those could I say no...fortunately I had the first pieces of Bonnie Hunter's Mystery quilt in Quiltmaker magazine already cut. So I turned on "Her Majesty" (my sewing machine) and we all dillydallyed together for an hour. What a great way to start the day and the school year!
Look how far along we've just a few days we have made great progress. Peanut supervises all activity in the sewing room very closely. She is a great cheerleader! Make time to dillydally, especially if you're busy and stressed! Life is so much more enjoyable when we dillydally just a bit every day!

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