Saturday, November 27, 2010

A Twist and Turn

I fondly remember my Sesame Street days ... one of the best things about having young children.  I remember a game of sorts on that show where the children had to guess how one item was related to another ... teaching them association reasoning.  Soooo .... what does this item ...
... yep ... that is one leg from an Alaskan King Crab ... have to do with ...
... this recent book of quilt projects by Sherri Falls of This & That Patterns?  Are you busy guessing?  If you own the book, see if you can find how these two items are related ... ok ... I'll give it to you ...
... the DillyDally family's Crab Stuffed Mushrooms recipe!  Yep ... many, many months ago, Sherri (on her blog) asked for holiday recipes that she might include in an upcoming book she was working on.  On a whim, I submitted this one.  These were served to Mr. DillyDally and I our first Christmas as newlyweds ... 29 years ago ... now they are a tradition, served at every important DillyDally event.

This summer while QBee Diane and I were visiting Heavenly Patchwork Quilt Shop, owned by Kay, Sherri's mother ... you can read about it here ... I bought the book, fabric for projects and discovered that Sherri had put my recipe in it.  OMGosh Good Golly!  I was thrilled!

Now ... fast forward to Thursday morning ... as I began to prepare the recipe I remembered that it had been published in Sherri's book ... another blessing on a day meant to give thanks.

The Crab Stuffed Mushrooms were delicious ... of course!  If you own the book, I hope you'll give them a try.  I'm always amazed at the twists and turns that are a part of my dillydally life ... of course life has very difficult moments ... they remind us to savor those glimmers of joy that come our way.

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