Monday, December 6, 2010

Mrs. DillyDally travels to Las Vegas!

I was in Las Vegas last week to attend a national professional development conference for teachers, as you might recall, I am president of our state association.  I don't like to mix my work into this blog, but I must say that the conference was terrific!  We began every morning at 7:30 and ended each day at 5:30 ... it was exhausting, but so inspiring that I didn't want to miss any of it!

In the evenings we enjoyed all that Vegas has to offer!
We walked for miles ...
... the evening temps were mid to low 40's ...
... it was great to spend time out of doors after being in the convention center all day!
There was a lot to see inside the casinos as well.  This is the Statue of Liberty made out of jelly beans ... love it!
It is Vegas after all ... fast cars and beautiful women!
I loved seeing the holiday decorations ... here is the MGM lion amongst the Christmas trees ...
... Polar bears in a frosty forest.  Can you see the worker between the two trees?  She was wearing hip waders while placing white poinsettias in the display.  At first we thought she was on her knees, but she was standing ... the pond was that deep!
This rocking horse was about seven feet tall ... and the reindeer flying around the tree were bigger than life size.  Everything in Vegas was wonderfully exaggerated ... which is exactly what entertainment should do ... help you escape reality!
My mother was a huge Elvis fan and I grew up listening to his music.  Like many, I associate him with Las Vegas.  When I saw this statue of him, I had to have my picture taken with it.  Here he is ... blessing my adventure in "Sin City"!

This isn't the end of my Vegas story ... but enough for now.  ;-)


  1. Glad you were able to enjoy your visit to Las Vegas. Learning, improving your knowledge for your job, and having fun, it's a combination that can't be beat. ~Nita

  2. Vegas is one of our all time favorite vacation spots..we go about every other year in the heat of the summer to lay around the pool and read, then hit the great restaurants for dinner. I've always wanted to see the city at Christmas, thanks for sharing the pictures, maybe next year.