Wednesday, December 22, 2010

The Tree Hunt!

Brother DillyDally arrived home Monday evening ... we are so happy to have him under our roof.  It was fun to have him here for the lunar eclipse ... as he and Mr. DillyDally are the family star gazers.  For years they spent many a fall evening at our cabin looking deep into the heavens.  The eclipse was amazing ... and an additional miracle was that the sky here in Cordova cooperated and was clear of clouds!  It was lovely ... for multiple reasons.
Yesterday was dedicated to the annual DillyDally Family tree hunt. 

We have harvested our tree in all kinds of weather the past 26 years ... this year the conditions were perfect.  The ground was frozen ... the snow wasn't hip deep ... there wasn't any wind ... we could pick out our tree leisurely.
Brother DillyDally inherited the job of cutting the tree a few years back ... one of those "rights of passage".
My DillyDally men enjoying a successful tree hunt!
Taking the tree home...
... last year we lost our tree on the way home ... what an adventure that was!  Yesterday the winds were calm, so there wasn't any drama.  The only drama in my life right now are the last couple of 007 projects I am frantically working on.  Thought I would share a few photo hints...
... just a bit of proof ...
... that I am dillydallying.
It was a wonderful day in my remote corner of this planet ... I wish the same for you.

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  1. Merry Christmas to you and yours! Have a happy and healthy 2011!

    Susan & Steve in North Pole