Thursday, December 23, 2010

A Happy Dillydally Day!

Yesterday was spent decorating the tree and doing the last bit of decorating.  We hung our stockings ...
... I designed and knit these for Mr. DillyDally and myself several years ago ... our names are knit in on the other side.  As you all know, I love designing nordic themed knitting projects.  Hanging these up each year is like visiting old friends.  Those warm dillydally feelings return every time I handle something I've made ... I believe that is true for all of us ... one more reason why dillydallying is so important!  Like we needed another reason! ;-)
Brother DillyDally spent the afternoon ...
... well ... dillydallying with a friend on their four wheelers.
These two guys spend all summer working together out in the woods ... and they play there year round ... they know how to have fun!
This is the play ground they grew up with ... yep ... they know how lucky they are!
The sun sets early up here ... even though the days are getting longer ... we only have about 5 hours of sunlight.
I dillydallied in the kitchen while brother was dillydallying out in the woods.  Four loaves of Julekake and nine dozen sugar cookies.  The good news is ... I don't have to decorate all these cookies ... Brother DillyDally does that!  ;-)
Yes ... it was a great dillydally day!  I was happy in my kitchen ... and well ... you can see how happy Brother was in his playground!  I hope you all had a happy dillydally day too!

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  1. You do live in a winter wonderland....Merry Christmas to the DillyDally Clan...