Sunday, December 12, 2010

Vegas and Cowboy Culture!

During the last few days I was in Vegas, the city was also hosting the "2010 Wrangler National Rodeo Finals"!  We immediately tried to get tickets for Saturday night after our conference.  But tickets to this annual event sell out months in advance.  Needless to say ... we were very disappointed.  But to our surprise and delight...
... yep ... the Cowboy Christmas Gift Show was taking place at the convention center where we were!
Cowboy hats were worn by nearly everyone and there were hats for sale!  It was fun to watch people try them on and then to watch the booth staff shape them specifically for each customer.
How cool is this?  Carrying cases for your cowboy hat!  I love it!  It makes a lot of sense ... these hats are a major investment!
It was possible to smell leather as you walked up and down the isles ... I loved it ... beautiful leather items everywhere ... the saddles were gorgeous!
The variety of leather handbags was incredible ... well made and very fashionable ... absolutely lovely!
Belts for the entire family in a wide variety of styles ... too many choices!  Add to that the buckles that were available!  
Yep ... you could even buy the whole hide!
I thought these Christmas stockings made from cowhide were very creative ... perfect in ranch or lodge themed holiday decorating!
But my favorite leather items were of course ... the boots!  Specifically cowgirl boots!  They were incredible ... I wanted them all!  Except for this pair ...
... these belong on the feet of Sister DillyDally ... when I saw them, I immediately knew they were made for her!  But it is never a good idea to buy boots for someone without them having the ability to try them on for size ... so another cowgirl will get the honor.  It was hard to leave them behind!
There was a lot of handmade furniture ... 
... outstanding craftsmanship ...
... and amazing creativity! 
I only found one booth that had quilt related items.  She had several quilts for sale as seen in this photo.  I like how she used one of Terry Atkinson's patterns to showcase the western themed novelty fabrics!  Kits for the quilts were also available.
 She was from Oregon and shared with me that she sews all year and only attends this show.  She had constructed everything from curtains to bumper pads for cribs.  I would have liked to talk to her longer and taken more photos, but her small booth was packed!  It was fun to watch her success!

There was one item that really won my heart and I soooo wanted it!
  Many of you know that I love the color red ... and you might also know that I have wanted a red couch for a long time ... when I saw this, it was love at first sight!  It was stunning in every way (insert a very deep sigh) ... I wish you all could see it live ... in my living room!

I personally have no interest in gambling and had no interest in trying it, but as everyone knows ... most of traveling to Vegas is about gambling.  I don't have an issue with others who enjoy gambling and do not feel in anyway self-righteous about it.  All week, as I walked through casinos, watched others gamble, shared in conversation with those who had gambled, I really didn't see the appeal and felt no temptation to participate.

The conference ended early in the afternoon on Saturday ... we were flying home early Sunday morning ... how to spend our last night in Vegas became the task at hand.  And then it happened ... after 5 days in Sin City ... the gambling bug finally bit! 
  We had heard that if you arrived at the rodeo early enough, you could buy tickets that were being sold by "others".  Now I admit to not being anything near genius ... but I knew not to ask who these "others" were.  Soooo ... we went to the UNLV sports center two hours early ... and those "others"?  Lets just say they found us!
We paid three to four times the original price for the tickets ... yep, it was a gamble.  One that we feel like we won!  ;-)

Mr. DillyDally and I have been following the rodeo all week on ESPN ... we've even learned many names of both the cowboys and livestock!  We've had a lot of fun with it ...
... and every night this week, I've had a strange dream with cowboys in it.  Every morning I share these silly dreams with my husband.  The other day, Mr. DillyDally finally asked if he needed to worry about these dreams I'm having?  ;-)  
You know ... he might want to consider getting himself a cowboy hat and boots ... hmmmm ... a pair of chaps wouldn't hurt either!  ;-)

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  1. Our son in law was in Vegas for the PBR. One of his bucking bulls was chosen to participate and bucked off both riders. So exciting!

    I love cowboys. :)

    Susan in North Pole