Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Two Undercover Projects Exposed and Those Dillydally Winds!

I can now share a few of my 007 projects!  First ... I'll begin with the Christmas quilt I made for Sister DillyDally!
Terry Atkinson's Yellow Brick Road pattern comes to the rescue again!  Gosh I love that pattern.  I made this one a bit larger than the lap is six by seven blocks.
I took this photo so that I would have a better record of the individual fabrics.  The border is a fabric that Michael Miller had several years ago ... about 4 or 5 ... and I used the last ... :-( ... of it.   In Christmas 2006, Sister's first year out of college ... living alone and working over the holidays ... we found it on the internet.  She loved it and I have used it to determine her holiday decorating palette ever since!  Many of these fabrics are not part of any "Christmas" line, but they fit in with the color theme.  I must admit ... I love collecting fabrics that I can work into her "contemporary" colors all year long!  The quilt is backed with a holiday themed flannel ... of course I made her pajama pants to match!

The second 007 project revealed today was made for a woman who has shown me and many ... a great deal of kindness and support ... Roseann Kermes.  After spending a few hours with her this summer (read about it here) and her support and contribution to a Minnesota Shop Hop party that I hosted for my friends (read about it here) it is no wonder that I was inspired to design and knit a pair of mittens for her.
Because they were designed for Roseann ... who owns Rosebud's Cottage ... they had to have a rose motif in them!  Roseann is an amazing, talented, and thoughtful person ... it was a privilege to create these for her.  I hope they keep her warm ... in multiple ways!

Our weather has warmed a bit ... instead of being clear and cold ... the view from the front deck today looks like this...
I wish my camera could catch the big fluffy flakes that are falling...
... it was a beautiful snow day!  And the dillydally winds were blowing in a direction that insisted I begin two new knitting projects. ;-)
One of my QBee's gave me this book, Sock Yarn One Skein Wonders for Christmas!  It is filled with inspiration ... fortunately I have a stash (all serious dillydalliers do) of sock yarn and could act on the urge to begin a new scarf!  This one is for me!

Beginning a new scarf wasn't enough ... so I designed a new mitten pattern ... it looks sort of "quilty", doesn't it?
Again, thank heavens for my stash ... I could begin them right away! ;-) I have no idea who will end up with these ... it doesn't matter ... I love to dillydally without a purpose!

As the new year approaches ... take the time to feel those dillydally winds ... one never know where they'll lead! 


  1. home for the mittens?! Smiles!! I love all your 007 projects and the new book looks great - will have to keep an eye out for it!

  2. Roseann will LOVE those mittens! I hope she has them at the store, I'd love to see them in person. Happy New Year from Minnesota!
    Mary Ellen