Friday, November 12, 2010

A Bit of "Bling"

Many of you may not know this, but I'm allergic to metal.  Sooo ... I am unable to wear jewelry ... any fabric or tags on clothing that contain metallic thread ... even the front snap on my jeans will cause my skin to have a severe reaction.  I have had this since I can remember, but as I age it is getting worse!  How I envy those who can wear all the beautiful bling that is available!

So I like to add a bit of bling ...
to things I don't wear.  This is the bling I am using for  a 007 project I am currently working on.  It is for our Guild's annual Tea and Auction to be held this Sunday!  I am pleased with the way this project came out and will share it with you all on Sunday after the event!

I continue to spend most of my dillydally time on covert operations ... will share them all eventually ... keeping secrets is tough!
Mother Nature showed off a bit of her bling this week as well!  Have a dillydally weekend!

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