Sunday, November 21, 2010

Missing My Camera!

As you all know ... I am not a photographer ... obviously!  I have a very user friendly Canon Power Shot that my children gave to me several years ago.  It is very basic ...they know their mother ... not a lot of bells and whistles ... as it is, I don't know how to use all the features it has.  Saturday I was participating in our local yarn shop's (The Net Loft) Holiday Open House ...taking pictures of all the activities ... when it happened ... I dropped the camera!  Now, I have dropped this camera a million times ... no, I am not exaggerating!  But this time ... even Mr. DillyDally, who could also be named Mr. FixIt ... wasn't able to revive it.  I can't begin to tell you how upset I am ... I lost my blogging partner.  I am sincerely sad. :-(  We had spent a lot of time together on this blog adventure ... she had been there from the beginning.

Sooo ... tonight I will share some of the last photos taken by her this past week ...
This was taken this week while I was walking to work.  The building is our Jr./Sr. High School where I teach.  The mountains are named the Heney Range.  The sun rises on the other side of the range and was reflected on the clouds.  The time was approximately 8:30 am.
This was taken as the sun was setting ... about 4:30 pm.  Eyak lake is in the front, the mountain is named Queen's Chair.
This is a view of our city harbor ... about 9:30 am.
Machine quilting on a table runner that I will have to share in detail later ... but at least a little proof that I have been dillydallying! ;-)

I may have told you before, but I am married to the nicest man I ever met ... after working on my camera for quite some time ... Mr. DillyDally went online ... found one that is similar and ordered it for me!  Yeah!  A new blogging partner should be arriving within a week!
It will be difficult for me to wait until it arrives ... until then, enjoy the sunset from my front deck.

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