Wednesday, March 9, 2016

A Splendid Saturday!

After my first full week back to work, I slept in until 7:30 Saturday morning!  I am a morning person, so that is late for me!  Guess I needed it ... ;-) ... lifestyle changes must be exhausting!  Who knew?
It was a beautiful morning!  I worked on a few household chores ... and by 9:00 am Nissa and I went for our daily outing.  I wanted her happy and tired because I had plans for the rest of the day!
My goal?  To make some progress on the Splendid Sampler Mystery Quilt-A-Long!  I auditioned fabrics ...
... did a bit of buttonhole stitching on small circles ...
... and Block 4 was finished!  Well almost ... there are a bit of hand embroidery details still needed.
Next up ... Block 5!  My mind kept coming up with possibilities for an entire quilt made with this block ... oh, if only my days were longer!
Block 6 was also fun ... we all know how my true love is patchwork ... so it was a joy to piece!
And here they all are!  Block 7 was introduced on Sunday ... it is an embroidery design ... love that!  I plan to add the embroidery details on Blocks 2 and 4 when I work on that block!  I really am having such fun ... creating the blocks and being introduced to the designers ... seeing the progress of 15,000+ participants ... fun an a global scale!
In closing this post, let me introduce Mr. and Mrs. Trumpeter Swan and their young adult children.   They greeted Nissa and I during our adventure along Eyak Lake on Monday.  They remind me how much I enjoy and appreciate my remote corner of the planet, but I also appreciate having technology that allows me to share a quilting experience with others from all corners of the world!  Life is splendid indeed!

Do what you love.  Do dillydally!
Mrs. DillyDally 


  1. I love Saturdays! My favorite day of the week!

  2. This quilt is so cute.
    It will be fun to see the other blocks.