Saturday, March 5, 2016

Back in the Saddle!

Life has changed here in DillyDallydom!  I've returned to the classroom ... well, sort of.  I have returned to my former classroom while the teacher is on maternity leave!
It is an adjustment for everyone ... no more leisurely mornings!  ;-)  Our day is planned for us with little room for deviation.
Some members of the DillyDally family adjusted easily ... Nissa ... not so much!  Yep ... she staged a protest and was very naughty!  Poor Goosey Girl ... this was the crime scene found after I had been in the bathroom doing make-up and hair.  Being home alone most of the day does not sit well with this pampered little 9 month old furbaby.
A few things worked in our favor this first full week of my going back to work ... our days are getting longer and there is enough daylight in the late afternoon to take her on long active adventures.
Plus ... Mother Nature cooperated and provided beautiful weather!  It has felt like spring, but we've lived here long enough to know it is just a tease!
Mr. DD comes home every day for lunch to spend time with her ... and when he can, stops by to check on her ... although she may think she is being neglected, she really isn't!  Poor puppy!
One of her new games while on our outings is "hide n' seek"!  So cute!  She waits until I call for her and pretend I don't know where she is ...
... then she springs up and I act surprised!  Too funny ... she loves my reaction!
It takes quite a bit to finally wear her out!  She is such a happy girl when she finally tires!  This photo captures her happiness ... love how her ears turn inside out while running at full speed.  Such a goofball!
It has been a crazy busy week!  Flicka has probably adjusted best to my return to work.  I am having to find and reclaim my time management skills.  Mr. DD has to share our only bathroom in the early mornings.  Nissa is the only one complaining, but even she is adjusting.  I really enjoy being back in the classroom.  I get to teach ... and surround myself with all that wonderful adolescent energy!

Do what you love.  Do dillydally!
Mrs. DillyDally

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  1. She really destroyed that Goose!
    Cats don't bother with it all, they sleep. lol
    I hope Nissa adjusts to your schedule soon.