Thursday, February 25, 2016

True Treasure!

We have lived in Cordova for nearly 33 years ... there is so much I love about our community!
Our  annual Iceworm Festival is one of them.  It is always held the first weekend in February!  A small town event that reflects everything that caused Mr. DD and I to choose this remote corner of the planet to be our permanent home.  Every event during the weekend is organized and implemented by many year round residents.  They dedicate their time and talents to creating fun for others!
They also do a great deal of fundraising ... many dollars are required to put on the events we enjoy every year.  One such activity is referred to as Cordova's Treasure Chest!  Committee members seek out donations from businesses and individuals throughout our community.  Those donations are then raffled off ... guess who won this year?  Yay!  It was me ... Mrs. DillyDally!  OMGosh Good Golly!  This is a pic of the window display with all the prizes available for everyone to see!  Yep!  Holy Moley Hot Bologna!  All of it was mine!  I was completely overwhelmed!
My favorite prize of all was the giant Wells Fargo pony!  I had a serious case of the giggles while we loaded all my "loot" in the car.  I laughed all the way to Mr. DD's office and delivered the pony personally!  Too much fun!
You see ... Mr DD's first career was with Wells Fargo and he managed the branch here in Cordova for 25 years before he retired from banking.  He has had a long love/dislike relationship with these ponies!  It was so fun to award him with one ... a giant one at that!  I chuckled over this for days ... yep, I am easily entertained! ;-)  He kept it in his office and then for Valentine's Day we gave it to one of his coworkers who has two young children!  
Here is a pic of all the loot on our dining room table ... and it doesn't reflect all the gift certificates we also received!  Talk about a windfall of goodness ... it was too much ... so, like with the pony, we have shared at least two-thirds of it with others.  It felt wonderful to receive this treasure, but even better to give much of it away to family and friends.
Photo from Google Images
 I am grateful for the values of our remote community ... in this case it was generosity.  Ice worm committee members give their time and talent + local businesses and individuals give contributions + community members purchase tickets + a lucky winner is randomly chosen + they share the loot = generosity.  I am so humbled and fortunate to find myself surrounded by such acts of generosity.  Generosity is the true treasure.  My hope is that everyone looks and finds ways to be generous ... it is a universal value and our world is in need.

Do what you love.  Be generous!  Do dillydally!
Mrs. DillyDally   

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  1. The Pony is too cute.
    What a haul you made!
    It's nice that you gave a lot of it away so that others can enjoy it too.