Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Puppy Popsicles!

We enjoyed clear skies this weekend!  Such a relief after weeks of rain!
With clear skies come colder temperatures ... this former Minnesota girl welcomes that!
Nissa is always far ahead of me on our walks ... it is impossible to keep up with her.  I noticed that she kept stopping ... would bite off the tips of bushes ... and in true retriever fashion, gobble it up!
Upon closer observation I realized that she was eating "willow roses"!  Over the years ... in past posts ... I have shared their wonder here on the blog.  They really are one of Mother Nature's miracles!  You can discover the science behind their creation here.
Apparently they taste great!
Munch!  Crunch!  Another one in her gullet!
It must be understood that willow roses are abundant and easy to see ... in the summer and after the willow has lost its leaves ... and Nissa has never shown any interest in them until now!
Apparently they taste great frozen!
Yep ... that rose also found itself in the belly of a very silly 8 month old puppy!
There wasn't any way to keep Nissa from feasting on them ... she grazed the entire 2 mile walk!  I was worried about how they might effect her digestion, and kept a close eye on her.  My fears were unwarranted ... and we now refer to willow roses as puppy popsicles!  A gift for puppies from Mother Nature's freezer!

Do what you love.  Do dillydally!
Mrs. DillyDally  


  1. Oh how I wish it would get cold here. I am missing the cold wintery weather. Nice and sunny today, high of 50, it was 59 Sunday. It does make for nice running weather though. I love the puppy popsicles! Silly Nissa!

  2. What a pretty blue sky.
    Those Puppy Popsicles must be really good!
    So cute.