Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Celebrating Iceworm!

Our annual winter festival is a highlight for our community ... long time readers are very familiar with it ... because I post about it every year!  
After living in this community for 30+ years ... we have attended our favorite events in all possible weather conditions!  Mother Nature sent us an encouraging sunrise on Saturday!
One of my former students was in charge of the Arts and Crafts event and asked me to share a quilt for display.  It was the perfect excuse opportunity to put on the finishing touches!  I pieced this quilt a few years back and had it quilted by The Green Fairy.
This event offered me the deadline I needed to finish it ... finally!  All that was required was hand tacking down one side of the bindng.  Too funny ... life and other projects get in the way ... so nice to have this event come up to give me that final nudge!
It was crowded, so I was unable to take pics of all the quilts ...
... but here are a few ...
for you to enjoy!
Ya-Hoo!  It is completely finished!
An old event was reintroduced this year ... Iceworm Cake Decorating contest!  Love seeing new energy influence long standing traditions! 
Our State Champion High School Volleyball Team was invited to carry the community banner and lead the parade!  Mother Nature had changed her mood and was delivering very cold, wet and windy weather!  We are used to her fickle ways and her antics don't dampen our spirits!
Neither weather nor a broken leg prevents the Baby Iceworm  from appearing!  This year she rode a 4-Wheeler ... much safer than crutches!
Iceworm weekend never fails to fill our hearts with local pride!  I so appreciate all those who volunteer their time and talent to make this event possible!  A week of fun and play for all ages is just what is needed in the midst of winter!

Do what you love.  Play.  Do dillydally!
Mrs. DillyDally

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  1. That looks like a fun time.
    That quilt is gorgeous!