Thursday, October 28, 2010

Reentry & an Old Friend

Yes ... I have had to focus on reentry issues.  Missing a week of school means a ton of make up work on my return, but I'm getting there and am almost caught up!  Good thing ... our quarter ends next week! ;-)  Reentry into my dillydally lifestyle should be easy ... right?  Well, it is sort of strange ... on Sunday, when I ignored my housekeeping duties to spend some time dillydallying ... it was sort of confusing.  I was so accustomed to having something else dictate the use of my time ... now that I owned it (my time) again, I wasn't sure how to spend it.
Rather than spend anymore time thinking about it, I chose to make progress on the Snake River Log Cabin.  I am half way through piecing the interior blocks.  Like I mentioned before, it requires concentration ... which appears to be what I needed to get my dillydally groove back!
Glee is always good medicine ... the music and the writing reflect everything wonderful about my dillydally zone!  As I was piecing to the music ... my mind was finally free to think about the other important things in my life.  It occurred to me that the holidays are fast approaching ... if I wish to accomplish even half of the gifts I would like to make ... I had better get on it!  ;-) 

Secret Dillydally Agent 007 (that's me ... yes ... I'm a fruit loop) had to start making decisions ... I have the fabric ... knew what I wanted to make ... the problem in this top secret case is deciding what pattern to use.  I have spent several evenings this week ... looking through my large selection of books ... perusing through piles of magazines ... thumbing through boxes of patterns ... yes, I spent hours searching for just the right answer to my dilemma.  Now, we all know that our old friends usually have the best answers ... that holds true in this case as well ... meet an old friend ...
... yep ... a very trusted friend.  I know it is the right choice, because it feels good.  Now with that decision made ... I am ready to get busy.  A mission ... clearly defined ... makes for a very happy 007 Agent!

Recently, a couple of my blog followers mentioned that they liked watching the change of seasons from my front deck.  I know, isn't that just the sweetest?  I loved it!  So ... today when I got home from work ... around 4:30 pm ... I couldn't resist taking another picture...
... yep ... tis the season ... at least it supports my dillydally lifestyle! 

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  1. Nothing like a Yellow Brick Road quilt. The recipient will be thrilled and you will sew enjoy your time with that treasured pattern.