Saturday, October 23, 2010

Dillydallying on the Run!

I am finally home ... it feels soooo good to be home!  This is a 007 project I'm working on.  I took it up to Anchorage with me...thinking I might have some time to knit ... NOT!  I didn't even get to complete one row ... but it was a comfort to know that it was there ... just in case there had been a moment to work in a little dillydallying!
Late Tuesday afternoon a teaching buddy and I made a quick trip to the sewing machine dealer so that I could pick up some supplies I needed.  While there ... the woman waiting on us asked if we knew that a new quilt shop had opened near by!  OMGosh ... we were so excited ... got directions and headed over there in a hurry ... it was near closing time!  We made a mad dash and found ourselves at the Quilt Zone!
I loved these seasonal quilts that were on display ... this pumpkin quilt is just screaming at me to make it.  It was great to see it done in two completely different styles of fabric.  Seems that everyone who saw them felt the way I did ... they were completely sold out of the pattern.  I just loved the scrappy candy corn border!  Just too darn fun!
This little witch quilt was great as well! 
Lots of gorgeous samples of intricately pieced patterns.
Yummy eye candy!
A very traditional sampler ... wonderful.
Gosh ... I sure do love work done with light neutrals!
Stunning ... and scrappy too!
Another scrappy sampler with hand appliqued cats!  Love it!  Very vibrant!
They also had on display "works in progress"!  I really like that idea.  It allows us to have some insight into what the quilter is thinking as they create...
... we get to see arrangements of colors, pieces and fabrics that we might not otherwise consider... seeing how they are using only shades of black and white...
... very inspiring!
This is a sampler that the shop owner uses to teach basic quilting skills to others.  I love everything about it!  Think of the masterpiece that every student has when they are finished!  Our brief time in this shop gave me just the few moments of dillydallying I needed in order to face the responsibilities I had this past week.  FYI ... the conference was a huge success ... I either reconnected or met new professionals in my field ... they too were inspiring! 
It was a great week ... even if there wasn't much dillydallying.  But now that I'm home ... tomorrow I plan to ignore the housekeeping chores that surround me and spend a few hours of bliss ... dillydallying comfortably in my little corner of the planet.  Gosh ... it feels so good to be home!

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