Thursday, March 17, 2011

Dillydally Day Dreaming...

I am a very practical person.  I live a simple and modest life.  I am known to be pragmatic and proactive.  I know how to break tasks down into manageable steps and get them done.  Maybe it comes from growing up on a farm ... I do know how to "plow" through things when I deem necessary. ;-) There is nothing delicate or fancy about me or my life ... and I've always been comfortable with that.

But in my day dreams ... I live like a queen ... I dress like a movie star ... and ... "plowing" is never necessary.  Lately, I have been doing a great deal of dillydally day dreaming ... 
... I have spent hours ... thoughtfully reading ... imprinting the images in my mind ... and reverently touching this book.  
The Haapsalu Shawl: A Knitted Lace Tradition from Estonia by Siiri Reimann and Aime Edasi has everything necessary to inspire those who hold it in their hands.  The history section allows us to time travel to the beginning of this tradition ... increasing the value of and our relationship with the art of lace shawl making.
We are then transported from the past to the present.  I have spent most of my time with this book on these two pages ... three simple photos ... that speak volumes.  On the left are the master knitters from the late 19th century ... top right are the current master knitters ... bottom right are the future master knitters.  These two pages offer a great deal of comfort to those of us who value cultural traditions. 
"A true Haapsalu shawl is so delicate and airy that it can pass through a ring..."  This photo is so lovely, I would love to have a reprint of it ... for me it serves as a metaphor ...
The book includes pictures of many shawls that were designed for specific purposes.  Lily of the Valley are one of my favorite flowers ... and because of this book is now one of my favorite lace patterns.
The book provides directions and techniques for making shawls and scarves in this tradition ... and at 120 ... I stopped counting the number of lace patterns that are in this book.  The possibilities truly are endless.
I have been losing myself in this book for over a month ... it is lovely.  It has been so inspiring for me ... it has evoked dillydally day dreams that allow me to escape my very real practical, pragmatic and proactive life.   
I absolutely adore this photo of master knitter Linda Elgas ... wearing and creating lace.  I look at this photo and find a kindred spirit ... perhaps practical, pragmatic and proactive people can wear and create lace?  Maybe lace is not only for queens and movie stars? ;-)  I'm not sure ... hard to imagine myself wearing or creating fine lace ... but I do admire and appreciate it.  And I love day dreaming about it.

Do day dream.  Do dillydally.

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  1. Thanks for the peeks of this very special book. i have had my eye on it also and now I think I should get my own copy. I have dibbled in is intriguing and magical...and making it is a tribute to these wonderful women.