Sunday, March 27, 2011

Creating Spring!

It is still early for us to have signs of spring in our remote corner of the planet ... we have to rely on our faith that spring will eventually appear ... we have to believe without seeing any obvious signs ...
... because, as you can observe ... this time of year our outdoor environment is primarily many different  shades of gray.

I use that as an excuse to make the indoor environment show signs of spring ... it helps me keep the faith.  ;-) Mr. BunnyTails and I  took our relationship to the next level ... I finished the binding just a few minutes ago.
The photo doesn't do him justice ... too dark in the house this time of night ... I'll take another picture of him in daylight.  I still find him irrestible ... and love the bit of spring he'll bring to the house!  He just makes me smile and leaves me inspired!  Yep ... I have bunny fever ... so I moved on to another bunny pattern and kit I have.
I've done a few Patch Abilities patterns in the past ... and love them!  This one is called "Chocolate Bunny".  I bought this kit while in Anchorage in February!  When I pulled it out this weekend ... laid out the fabrics ... they just didn't sing the strong song of spring I need to hear.  The color palette was fine ... but too tame for my vision of spring.  I slept on it over night.
This morning I decided that I would only use two items from the original kit ... the egg shaped holder and a medium brown.  Now remember ... I am a dillydallier and work on a whim ... it is not unusual for me to change things up ... plus, I collect fabric and I know that the fabric from the kit I am not using now ... I will find a better use for later.  It is all good!
These are the fabrics I pulled from my stash ... I did end up changing the turquoise out for pink ... but here are the results!
Yep ... Mr. Chocolate Bunny is tall, dark and almost good enough to eat!  

The past week has been busy ... it was the end of third quarter at work ... which means tons of paperwork.  In dillydallydom, it took days to recover from the excitement of being featured on the "Free Quilt Patterns" facebook page!  I still can't believe that over 600 people visited the 2/27 post that they featured!  I also have 12 new followers ... who would have dreamed I would have 50 followers?  Thank you all for your kindness!  My single hope is that all who stopped by begin to see dillydallying in a different light ... do dillydally! 


  1. I have been sooooo behind on my blog visits! You have been a very busy dilly dally-er! Love the Spring things you made. :) And congratulations on your 12 new followers/hopefully converts to the dilly dally way!

  2. Oh my heck! Both of those 'bunny obsessions' are adorable!!

  3. Love the chocolate Easter bunny...I had a choc. bunny pin for always had to touch it to see if it was real...") Cora would probably like one like that some day!