Tuesday, March 8, 2011

A Grand Dillydally Adventure!

When my hands are busy dillydallying ... this is where my mind is ...
... yes ... I have been spending most of my spare time thinking about Quilt Minnesota 2011!
My history with Quilt Minnesota began accidentally ... in 2007 ... I was in Bemidji, Minnesota visiting family ... went to one of my all-time favorite quilt stores, Emily's Country Cottage ... and found out that a statewide shop hop was in progress!  In 2008 ... the day before I left Alaska to visit Minnesota ... I inadvertently came across their website and noticed that there were metro area bus tours offered ... gave them a call ... buses were full, but told to call and see if there were any cancellations.  After arriving in the Twin Cities the next day ... I called ... there was an opening for the northern metro bus tour ... we visited 8 stores the next day ... one of which has also become one of my all-time favorite quilt stores, Rosebud's Cottage!  Gosh ... there certainly is a cottage theme going on here! ;-)  
This blog began because of the Quilt Minnesota Shop Hop!  In 2009 I had figured it out and was prepared!  We dillydalliers love having a mission!  My mission was to do as much of the shop hop as my time and $$$$ would allow and share that experience with my QBees (Quilt Buddies) back here in Alaska!  I'm relying on my memory here ... I know, a bit scary ... but I think I visited 24 stores.  I wrote a blog post about every quilt shop I visited ... you can go back in the blog archives (early posts, August 2009) and read all about it.  I didn't know anyone, but had a terrific time ... met so many lovely people ... met several who have touched Terry Atkinson ... a select club that I now can claim to be a member of!  It is an inside joke ... you'll have to read the posts to get it ... sorry, I can't help myself! ;-)  I go back and read them occasionally ...it was such a fun quilt vacation!

In 2010, I was unable to travel to Minnesota in August, but went in June ... so I knew I would miss the shop hop.  Yep ... it was sorta sad ... but then something great happened!  QBee Diane came to Minneapolis for a few days ... I surprised her with a three day shop hop of our own!  We had such fun ... you can check the archives in June 2010 to read about that adventure!  Again, I hoped that her experience would encourage others to participate this year.  I plan a special event each year for my QBees called a Happy Unbirthday Party!  I used that annual event as an opportunity to invite them all to attend the 2011 Quilt Minnesota with me!  
So far ... five of us are Minnesota bound ... two are still on the fence ... more may be in the wings!  My philosophy is ... the more the merrier!  I have already established a rough itinerary ... we arrive on Friday, July 29th and leave on Monday, August 8th!  Ten days of dillydallying our way around Minnesota!  I can't wait to share it ... what a grand dillydally adventure! 

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  1. Sounds like you know how to live it up...you wild and crazy dilly-dally lady..