Friday, March 18, 2011

A New Man!

I've fallen in love ... yes, I am still in love with Mr. DillyDally ... even though he grilled dinner tonight in his short pants (it is not even spring in this corner of the globe!), crew socks and crocs! ;-)  But my new love is ...
... Mr. Bunny Tails!  I have found him irresistible ever since I met him on facebook.  Now that he has been "stitched" our conversations have become more serious.  We're almost ready to take our relationship to the next level ... I'll let you know what happens!  ;-)

I hope you found time to dillydally this week ... I spent every spare minute with Mr. Bunny Tails!  Here is a sunset we enjoyed from the front deck this week...
Don't worry ... a man standing over his grill ... in freezing weather ... wearing short pants, crew socks and crocs ... yep, I find that pretty irresistible too!  Life in my remote corner of the planet is good!  Have a wonderful dillydally weekend! 


1 comment:

  1. Mrs. DillyDally,
    Dotty let me know she posted about my gnome hat on her facebook page. Your comment was so very sweet. I love you.