Sunday, March 6, 2011

Holy Moly Hot Bologna! Times 10,000!

I love Sunday mornings ... this was my view today at around 8:00 am ...
... next my coffee and I turned on the computer ... downloaded photos ... went to facebook ... then on to blogger.  Honestly ... I, Mrs. DillyDally was feeling a bit guilty ( I know...dillydalliers are supposed to avoid guilt, but dang sneaks up on me sometimes)... it has been a busy week ... I hadn't posted all week ... I was feeling like a "bad blogger".  

And then it happened!  I thought there was something wrong with my vision!  I literally used my finger ... and touched the screen to count the zeros behind the number 1!  
Holy Moly Hot Bologna!   
In the past year ... this very humble blog ... from a remote corner of the planet ... has been visited ...
10,000 times!
Thank you ... for spending a few minutes of your valuable time ... reading my rambles and funsense.  You are a blessing!  Have a wonderful dillydally day!


  1. Holy Moly Hot that....

  2. 10,000 and 2! Enjoy another beautiful day doing what you love!