Monday, March 21, 2011


The last 24 hours have been dillydallytastic!
It all began last night when the dillydally winds shifted ... a designing weather pattern moved in ... yep ... I had no choice but to submit.
I was inspired by yarn I had purchased on Saturday ... it kept calling me ... finally I relented and spent several hours with a calculator, pencil, graph paper, this luscious yarn (more on the yarn in a future post) and several sizes of knitting needles.  After multiple gauge swatches ... the pattern was finished and the knitting began! Today, I began the day with an hour of early morning knitting and coffee ... what a wonderful way to begin the day!

When I got home from work today, these lovelies were in the mail ... yep ... I had finally purchased some Dilly Dally fabric ... 3 cake stands (I know they're called layer cakes, but they misnamed them, I call them cake stands ... it just fits better!) and some yardage.  OK ... does "she and her sister" secretly know me?  Because this fabric just screams ... Mrs. DillyDally!  I have to thank many of you who emailed me and encouraged me to get some ... you were so right!  I love it ... not sure what I'll do with it ... eventually it will speak to me.  What a fun and wonderful thing to come home to! 

My usual routine when I get home from work is ... check facebook ... check email ... check this blog.  So ... that is exactly what I did.  When I got to my blog I was surprised to see that I had gotten 8 new followers ... new followers are very unusual when they come one at a time ... so 8 in one day just about blew me over.  Next I checked my comments ... two new comments on an older post made in February ... that was very unusual too.  Then I looked at my stats for the day ... I nearly had a stroke!  Over 500 people had visited today?  That couldn't be right?  I called Mr. DillyDally over to take a look, now I was sure I was having a stroke and he needed to look at it and straighten it out for me!  He looked everything over very carefully ... yep ... he nearly had a stroke too!  See why I keep pinching myself?  It is so unbelievable that anyone, let alone that many people would bother with my nonfunsense!  We finally caught our breath and backtracked where they had come from ... it was facebook.  The Free Quilt Patterns fan page had posted a link to this very small, humble and modest blog!  We couldn't believe it!  I was so excited, I couldn't talk ... I was squealing like a baby piglet ... no, I won't describe the look on Mr. DillyDally's face ... it was a side of his wife (of 30 years) he hadn't seen before and would probably like to forget! ;-)

This was my supervisor's response to all the excitment ...
... no ... she wasn't impressed ... one bit.  There is only room for one member of the DillyDally family to have an ego ... and it's Teacup. 

I am still pinching myself ... what an exciting dillydally day!  Holy Moly Hot Bologna!  I am grateful to all who made the past 24 hours so wonderful ... I love my dillydally life and all who are a part of it ... thank you!

Oh My Gosh Good Golly!
Oh-oh...pinches leave will I explain those tomorrow? ;-)


  1. Cool new fabrics, comments, new followers, and new viewers for your blog? Good golly Miss Molly, you had a right to be flying. Glad you had such a great 24 hours. Thanks for sharing. :) ~Nita