Friday, July 10, 2020

Happenstance Fun!

Happenstance!  I love when people come into your life by happenstance!  Especially when those people bring with them an understanding of my dillydally nonfunsense!
A year ago this month, Kimberly Einmo came to our remote corner of the planet!  Our guild had invited her to teach two classes! 

It can be difficult to entice Quilt Rock Stars to come and teach at such a small venue ... but Kimberly and her husband Kent are adventurous!  Their enthusiasm for our community was infectious!  They immediately felt like longtime friends!

We had so much fun ... and learned new quilting tips and techniques!  I love this photo of Kimberly with two of my favorite QBees, Barb and Terry!
I am making my Lone Starburst units into a Quilt of Valor for a local veteran!  During that busy day I finished enough units to complete one star!  There is no deadline ... and I have many WIPs ... too many to count!
Longtime followers know how much I love "Her Majesty", my Janome 6600!  Kimberly is a Nat'l Spokesperson for them!  Not only do I follow Kimberly as a friend and quilter, but also for all the Janome information she shares!  
As happenstance would have it ... on June 4th, Kimberly hosted a sew-along on the Janome Facebook page, Janome Sewing Classroom!  To thank many of the Janome dealers that she works with, she has been making Pineapple wall quilts for their stores!  Sew ... by happenstance I decided to put other projects aside and join the fun!  I pulled some fabrics from my stash ... ready just in time for Kimberly's live broadcast!   
True to Kimberly's word ... this quilt did go together quickly!
It was fun to use multiple fabrics and then determine the layout!
Within hours ... over a two day period ... the top was finished.
I added a narrow border around my version ... here it is pin basted and ready for machine quilting.
Straight quilt lines following the geometric lines found in the piecing!  I chose the Janome 6600 specifically for the built in walking foot feature ... no happenstance was involved when I chose "Her Majesty"!
The magic of happenstance was involved in the quilting of this Perfect Pineapple as well ... when I finished there was about one yard of thread left on the spool!  Holy Buckets of Happenstance Luck!
Bound!  Completely finished!  I love the results and am so happy I allowed happenstance to lead the way! Thank you Kimberly ... for sharing your time and talent with quilters worldwide ... adding a bit of cheer during this pandemic!  

Do what you love!  Embrace happenstance!  Do dillydally!
Mrs. DillyDally

P.S.  Pulled out my Lone Starburst ... hoping a bit of happenstance helps me finish it this month!

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  1. Looks like a fun time.
    The Pineapple is awesome, & love the Valor quilt too.
    I'm glad you had supervision! :)