Thursday, February 26, 2015

The Tribble with Foo-Whee Fun!

Honestly ... thrummed knitting is infectious ... and it always leaves me with a serious case of silliness!
They remind me of Tribbles ... those of us who are Star Trek fans remember that episode!  Too fun!
Over the past three weeks I have been teaching a Foo-Whee Mitten class at The Net Loft!  It is the first time I have taught this class locally ... teaching friends heightens the hilarity!  Gauge swatches done and nearly tamed!
Even when making a gauge swatch ... they take on a life of their own!  See ... they do resemble Tribbles!
Participants came with their cuff knit to the second session ...
... and we attempted to get on with the science of thrummed mittens.
Spock and Bones also attempted to take the Tribble phenomenon seriously ...
... as did we! ;-)  We worked on the process of creating gussets ...
... gussets with Foo-Whees make for tons of nonfunsense!
Between all the giggles ...
... we remained resolute!
Just like the Tribbles ... our Foo-Whees multiplied while we made progress on our mittens.
The final class was all about finishing the mittens ...
crowning the top and thumb ...
... continuing to add Tribbles Foo-Whees through the entire process!
Can it get any more ridiculous?  Love it!
Just try to tame these silly beasts!
I love Foo-Whee knitting!
Yep ... we were all channeling our own version of Captain Kirk!
Even with all the shenanigans ... and a bit of effort amongst all the giggles ...
... we did accomplish our goal.  Each participant "boldly went where no (sensible) knitter had gone before" and created for themselves beautiful mittens that will keep their hands warm and dry.

Star Date 2.23.2015:  Foo-Whee Mission Accomplished 

Do what you love.  Be silly.  Do dillydally!
Captain DillyDally
Friday:  So sorry to hear of his passing today ... he enriched the lives of many.  Live long and prosper.

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