Sunday, February 8, 2015

Iceworm 2015 - Cordova's Kids

Mother Nature gifted us with blue skies ... Jack Frost gave us freezing temperatures ... both added to the fun of the 2015 Iceworm Festival!  I love this weekend for many reasons, but mostly because it represents what is best about my community.

Friday night I attended the Variety Show ... most of the acts involved children and adolescents sharing their talents.  It is wonderful to watch them perform and receive enthusiastic support from the crowd.
We really enjoy the Survival Suit Races every year.  This is a team of 7th grade boys.  They have to run down the dock, put on their suits, jump into the water and swim to the life raft.
They did a fantastic job ... all making it to the raft safely and in good time!  This is a fun event, but an ability that our children need.  Many of them fish with their families and need these emergency skills.
Mother and son team ... working together to prepare edible iceworms for the crowd!  I find it touching to see a son (former student of mine) assisting his mother.  Families working together makes  a community strong.
The varsity and jv volleyball team led the parade.
A "boat load" of preschoolers!
A "school" of "small fry" ... absolutely adorable!
Parents, children ...
... and play groups!
Cookies ...
... Girl Scouts, of course!
Cub Scouts ...
and Boy Scouts too!
Our school's Future Problem Solving teams.
Smoky the Bear comes to the parade every year ...
... our local Salmon celebrity is always a hit ...
... as well as the "Baby Iceworm"!  All three are popular with kids of all ages!
The Royal Court ... young women who represent grades nine through twelve ... chosen for their academics, leadership and community service.
Each year the "Big Iceworm" is the last to march in the parade ...
... and is powered by the legs of many children!  My children have such fond memories of the Iceworm Festival ... as do all that have grown up here!
And now you have an idea as to why Mr. DD and I chose to stay, build a life, and raise our children here.  As adults, the DillyDally children have openly thanked us.  When Brother was about 10 years old, he asked me, "Cordova is the best place to live, isn't it Mom?"  I knew that I had to answer him carefully and honestly.   I responded, "There are many wonderful places to live, Pop and I chose Cordova." Any community that values and takes care of all generations is a great place to live!  Am so grateful to live in such a place ... located here ... in this remote corner of the planet.

Do what you love.  Enjoy your community.  Do dillydally!
Mrs. DillyDally

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  1. What a cute tradition.
    Looks like a fun time was had by all.