Saturday, December 23, 2017

A New Cookie!

When newlyweds in 1981, we lived in Juneau.  We didn't know anyone, so decided to find those with similar interests by joining organizations and participating in events that interested us.  One of those community organizations was the local Sons of Norway, Svalbard Lodge.
We loved our three years of involvement in the lodge.  When we moved in 1984, we decided to continue our membership ... and still do!  That means we receive the Sons of Norway Viking magazine.  We enjoy it for multiple reasons and the recent December issue had a few Holiday recipes!
Mr. and I really like the flavor of cardamom ... in both savory dishes and baked goods.  There was a recipe for Orange Cardamom Butter Cookies ... yep, I could not resist testing it!  Trying something new is always a fun way to dillydally!  It is a refrigerator cookie ... so I mixed and shaped the dough last night!  It was so easy to slice and bake them this morning!
I cannot begin to describe how delicious these cookies are ... before the chocolate!  A crisp shortbread with the perfect combination of orange and cardamom flavors!  Yummy!
Honestly, I do not think I could live without pyrex mixing bowls!  This middle sized bowl is the only one left from the set we received as a wedding gift 36 years ago!  Today it was used as a double boiler to melt the dark chocolate.  At times ... the simple pleasures in life truly are most important!
Fun and simple ... just dip the cooled cookies in melted dark chocolate!  When we tasted them earlier, we had decided they didn't need the chocolate!  The flavor was so perfect, they could stand on their own.  And they can!  However, the dark chocolate took them to an even higher level of dillydally deliciousness!  I think we found a new DillyDally family favorite!

Do what you love! Try something new! Do dillydally!
Mrs. DillyDally