Wednesday, December 6, 2017

DillyDally Playdates & Wool Buddies

Meet my Wool Buddies ... Barb and Sue!  We have many common interests ... but today we'll just focus on our mutual passion for working with wool!
We try to meet once a week ... we refer to it as dillydally playdates!  Remember organizing playdates for your children?  Well ... we three are retired teachers and now we organize playdates for ourselves!  Too fun!
Barb and her husband spend a few months every winter down south visiting family, so she is currently out of town.  This is a project she completed right before she left for Thanksgiving! 
She pieced together a design by Atkinson Designs called Happy Holidays, then added her magic by adding wool applique' of her own design!  I love her use of metallic thread!
These stars became a beautiful banner...
... and this became a lovely pillow!  Barb always adds her special touch to every project she makes!
Sue is also a prolific needle worker!  She hosted my birthday party and made everyone candle mats as party favors.  Check it out here ... I remain overwhelmed by her thoughtfulness!  She created this sweet patriotic design!
We like to have tea during our dillydally playdates ... this is so super cute ...
... and her fall themed table mat is gorgeous!
Currently, Sue offered to make two of this style Christmas stocking kits for a friend's sons!
 Both Barb and Sue do beautiful handwork, accomplish so much, and are extremely generous with their talent.  They inspire me on so many levels ... I treasure our playdates and friendship!

Do what you love!  Dillydally with friends!  Do dillydally!
Mrs. DillyDally

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  1. Your playmates have great talent.
    All of their projects are beautiful.