Saturday, December 16, 2017

Christmas Tree 2017

Oh ... Christmas Trees ... they quietly tell a family's story ... filled with memories of past holidays!
This year we made the decision to decorate an artificial tree.  We have many wonderful memories of tree hunting as a family, but now that our children are grown ... it just isn't the same.  Lifestyles change ... so we decided our Christmas tree can too!  What fun we've had with the technology that comes with this tree!  Multiple lighting choices and voice activation have given us the giggles over and over again!  Too fun!
We have taken our time decorating with ornaments ... this tree won't hold as many, so some will be used elsewhere or put in storage.  This one represents where we live ... a salmon with a crystal heart!
A holstein to remind me of my childhood on a dairy farm.
Minnesota's state bird, the common loon ... pewter Nordic mittens ... all chosen to represent a part of our family story!  It has been fun for Mr. and I to take our time and savor the memories!

Do what you love! Do dillydally!
Mrs. DillyDally  


  1. A cute tree and very pretty skirt.
    The ornaments are awesome.

  2. Wonderful tree. Love seeing the ornaments that have special meaning.